Kinfolk: A Novel of China

Kinfolk: A Novel of China

Pearl S. Buck

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 2:00227608

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


A tale of four Chinese-American siblings in New York, and their bewildering return to their roots.

In Kinfolk, a sharp dissection of the expatriate experience, Pearl S. Buck unfurls the story of a Chinese family living in New York. Dr. Liang is a comfortably well-off professor of Confucian philosophy, who spreads the notion of a pure and unchanging homeland. Under his influence, his four grown children decide to move to China, despite having spent their whole lives in America. As the siblings try in various ways to adjust to a new place and culture, they learn that the definition of home is far different from what they expected.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author’s estate.
















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by the window again in he living room. The wind was beginning to rise. She saw the eaves falling faster in the park below, and the building seemed to sway in a slow whirling motion. Certainly she heard it creak. A look of terror came over her face and she clutched he edge of the window sill with both hands. In his own way Dr. Liang also was suffering. His philosophy had not deserted him, nor did he feel that he had done anything wrong. Therefore he could not understand why his usual buoyancy had

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mistress the same good taste I might demand of my wife.” She leaned forward when he said this and she looked at him earnestly. Her face was molded in soft curves and flat bones, and her body was slender at the waist and more full-breasted than it would have been had her blood been purely Chinese. She smiled somewhat wistfully. “You needn’t say that to me, Ranald. All my Chinese common sense tells me I shall never find as good a man as you. There are times when you seem a little dull to me, you

nothing but a scholar. He understood no more than a child about life. Full of good talk he was, and anybody could cheat him by agreeing with him. I suppose your father is the same way.” “Perhaps,” James said. “How does he make his real living over there?” Uncle Tao inquired with lively interest. “School teaching cannot fill the stomach. I send him so much of the rent each year, but I suppose it is also not enough.” “You send him rent?” Mary exclaimed. “His share,” Uncle Tao said, without

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