Kick Back: A Kate Brannigan Mystery

Kick Back: A Kate Brannigan Mystery

Val McDermid

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1932859195

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Kate Brannigan’s . . . a whirling dervish of tough toes and fine prose.”The Washington Post

Kate Brannigan is investigating the bizarre case of the missing conservatories. Before long, she’s up to her neck in crooked land deals, mortgage scams, financial chicanery—and murder. Then a favor for a friend puts Kate’s own life in danger.











Baths. DKL looked reasonably prosperous, but I realized almost immediately that there was a good reason for that. They specialized in renting, and in selling the kind of first-time-buyer properties that shift even at the bottom of a recession. There are always people desperate to climb on to the property ladder, not to mention the poor sods trading down. It looked to me as if they’d also got a significant number of ex-council houses on their books, which took a bit of courage. Their gamble seemed

“She’s already got the names and addresses, hasn’t she?” I arranged to call back in the afternoon. I was still cross and frustrated because I didn’t fully understand how the con was working. But I did have one thing going for me. Rachel Lieberman had given me the addresses of three other properties that fitted the bill. Looking at the dates on the previous sales that had turned into missing conservatories, the scammers seemed to work a production-line system. They were getting the loans through

Besides, we need a lot more information about this stolen van, and you’ve got enough on your plate right now with your missing conservatories.” I couldn’t find any good reason for arguing with Bill. Personally, if I had his six foot plus towering over me, I’d admit to just about anything to get him to back off. So I left him to it. On my way out the door, I picked up the hand-held computer scanner which had been his monthly contribution to the office gadget mountain back in June. At last, I had

was stolen from PharmAce was written off in some village on Dartmoor on Friday morning after being used in a supermarket robbery down there. So it couldn’t have rammed you on Friday night. Kate, whoever had a go at you on Barton Bridge is still out there.” 15 I could get used to being waited on hand and foot at breakfast. What I couldn’t handle is the early rising that seems to go hand in hand with business briefings over the bacon butties. The following morning, I was back in the dining room

air at between two and five degrees Fahrenheit per hour,’ it says here,” I said. “And, when I touched him, he was the same temperature as I was, near as dammit. No way was he between four and ten degrees colder than me, which he should have been if he’d died when you suggested.” Richard took the book from me and read the relevant section. As usual, the journalist in him took over and he found all sorts of fascinating things he simply had to read about. Leaving him to it, I started to clear up

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