Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy

Perri O'Shaughnessy

Language: English

Pages: 419

ISBN: 0385314132

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hard-driving Attorney Nina Reilly returns from a  near-fatal gunshot wound in Motion to Suppress to  take on the toughest and most intriguing case of  her career.

Anxious to avoid the  kind of case that almost killed her and determined  to spend a restful winter at home in Lake Tahoe  with her son Bobby, Attorney Nina Reilly vows to  take on only the most uncomplicated cases. When  filmmaker Terry London implores Nina to help her  defend her documentary against charges of invasion of  privacy, it seems an easy case to add to her work  load. But Nina is soon wishing she'd never become  involved, as it becomes clear that the film holds  a crucial clue to a decades-old unsolved murder  and her new client poses a greater danger than any  criminal Nina has ever come up against. Before the  filmmaker can make good on her mysterious threats  to harm Nina, she's found murdered, and Nina finds  herself in the middle of a full-blown  homicide--homicide that is somehow connected to Nina's past.  When an old lover surfaces, he brings painful  memories and new dangers as Nina fights to protect  herself, her troubled son Bobby, and the delicate  balance of their new life together from the  destructive wake of a killer's path.














gift for embellishment and credibility in spite of facts to the contrary. But the black corduroy baseball cap’s there on the list of items collected by the police in the studio. I turned the house upside down hunting for Bob’s hat, Matt. It isn’t here. That’s because Bob left his No Fear hat in the studio that night, didn’t he, Matt? He told you that story, didn’t he? "So tell me the whole truth this time. Did Bobby see Kurt kill her? Or ... did Bobby kill her?" 32 "BOB WAS IN THE TRUCK.

Snow sifted down from the branches, turning him into a comical snowman. But she did not laugh. She let him spend his fury. Finally, he came back and sat with her on an icy patch of sand right at the water’s edge. They talked for a long time, looking out across Lake Tahoe and into a night so clear, Nina could see the lights of Incline Village and King’s Beach on the northwest shores, twenty-six miles away. A huge inland sea, deep, impersonal, full of secrets, the lake showed its personality in

by electricity. Smoothing his hair down with one hand, he read from the green boards. "I’ll be right back," he said, getting up and walking over to the counter. Nina watched him sneak in front of a pale office worker, apologizing as if he hadn’t seen her, offering to wait in line behind her, but the girl was already bewitched and said, oh, no, you go ahead. Jack had charm, that rare quality that eased the tensions in the courtroom as well as in life. Good. He would need that magnetism over the

practice and raising a teenage son alone. Now Nina has taken on a case that will threaten everything she holds dear, drawing her into a tangled web of loyalties and alliances within one of Lake Tahoe’s most prominent families. Her client: a man accused of murdering his own brother—on the ski slopes of Tahoe. The law says Nina must give Jim Strong the best possible defense. But Strong’s family has turned violently against him, and suddenly Nina is at the center of the storm. As she works a flawed

bewildered and unsure about this whole situation. Marrying is the last thing on my mind." "You sure?" For the first time it hit her. Paul might give up on her and move on. Why did he have to pin her down now? Why couldn’t they just stay friends and colleagues? But she knew better than to say those things to him. Instead she said, in her softest, most soothing voice, "I need time, Paul." An inarticulate grunt emanated from the other end of the phone line. She imagined him at his apartment,

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