Inner Beauty: Looking, Feeling and Being Your Best Through Traditional Chinese Healing

Inner Beauty: Looking, Feeling and Being Your Best Through Traditional Chinese Healing

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0307358801

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The charismatic author of Reflections of the Moon on Water brings her years of experience in the healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to show how Western women can achieve lifelong health, beauty and wellness.

From the moment we first become self-conscious about our looks, most of us want to appear young and beautiful. For some, the pursuit of beauty extends to lotions, potions and the surgeon's scalpel. But Xiaolan Zhao believes the ultimate source of beauty is health and well-being.

In this wise and important book, Dr. Zhao talks about inner and outer beauty, using personal stories, anecdotes and case studies from her TCM practice. She also covers the fundamentals of beauty, preventing and treating skin damage, caring for sensitive skin, the benefits of acupuncture, helpful non-surgical procedures, and nutrition. With a special emphasis on women's health and beauty issues, the book covers a plethora of relevant topics, such as baby skin problems, acne in adolescence and beyond, rosacea, eczema, allergies and rashes, skin cancer, wrinkles.

Providing a foreword, as well as thoughtful commentary and information on Western medical views, is dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki. Dr. Skotnicki first met Xiaolan as a patient, and the two doctors discovered they had many common interests and concerns regarding lifelong health and beauty.

What's more, there is an invaluable reference section featuring TCM and traditional treatments for a wide variety of conditions, including recipes for salves and infusions that you can make at home using ingredients purchased at a Chinese apothecary or from a TCM practitioner.




















little newborn daughter into our clinic, we all jostled to take turns holding her. The baby was perfection itself. The small of her little neck was deliciously soft and fragrant; just holding her felt as if nourishing energy was pouring into each of us. No wonder she was so popular! In my clinic, we begin to see babies with skin problems shortly after birth. From diaper rash to impetigo, eczema and psoriasis, little children suffer from a range of conditions that need treatment. I have been

consolidate the Root. This condition requires patience, as the treatment can take two months. TCM Treatment Treasure Herb and Root Wash Wash the affected areas directly with this solution two or three times a day. It does not need refrigeration. In a ceramic, enamel or glass saucepan, combine all the ingredients. Let soak for 2 hours, then bring to a boil and simmer for 40 minutes. Heavenly Calming Powder Apply this powder to the affected areas as needed. Combine all the

until it has melted. Store the oil at room temperature. (duì huà) Sandy: We are seeing fewer severe cases of radiodermatitis, and fewer cases altogether, because of improved radiation oncology protocols. It still does happen, because the radiation has to go through the skin to reach the tumours. We support these patients with topical corticosteroids, and we monitor them for subsequent skin cancers triggered by the radiation over the long term. Xiaolan: We treat this localized dermatitis with

then combine. (duì huà) Sandy: There are limited Western treatments for stretch marks, or striae, but some patients find that moisturizers that contain glycolic or lactic acids can help to thicken the skin and make it more resistant to stretching. Post-pregnancy laser surgery can reduce the discoloration. Fractional laser resurfacing offers some promise. It is a novel approach in which pulses of light create microscopic openings in the skin that can stimulate new collagen production. This

value. I have come to believe that it should be a priority of Western medicine to devote some of its resources to better understanding why TCM analysis and solutions often work as well as, or even better than, the remedies we can offer our patients. Better still, I think that Xiaolan’s ambition of joining hands, East to West, which she has begun to do in her beautiful new wellness centre in midtown Toronto, holds the key to better outcomes for many patients. We have begun to treat some patients

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