Hope Leslie: or, Early Times in the Massachusetts (Penguin Classics)

Hope Leslie: or, Early Times in the Massachusetts (Penguin Classics)

Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 0140436766

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Set in seventeenth-century New England in the aftermath of the Pequod War, Hope Leslie not only chronicles the role of women in building the republic but also refocuses the emergent national literature on the lives, domestic mores, and values of American women.

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Leslie was found; indeed, her friends scarcely waited for any. Everell wrapped her in his cloak, and assisted by his father, carried her in his arms to the nearest habitation, whence she was conveyed, as soon as a carriage could be obtained, to Governor Winthrop’s. CHAPTER VII “He that questions whether God made the world, the Indian will teach him. I must acknowledge I have received in my converse with them, many confirmations of those two great points; first, that ‘God is;’ second, ‘that he

nearly completed a tale, founded on the fortunes of Captain Smith. ‘Alas for my Pocahontas!’she says. … ‘However I give her up with less reluctance than the artist whose labors of fifteen years were destroyed by the French troops in their invasion of Italy, for I love my conqueror’-Is not this beautiful? (Life and Letters 187) Like Sedgwick’s women friends, modern feminist readers have responded powerfully to Magawisca and found the sisterly relations of Hope Leslie’s three heroines among the

English, the same temper was manifest in a jealousy of their encroachments. He employed all his art and influence and authority, to unite the tribes for the extirpation of the dangerous invaders. Mononotto, on the contrary, averse to all hostility, and foreseeing no danger from them, was the advocate of a hospitable reception, and pacific conduct. This difference of feeling between the two chiefs, may account for the apparent treachery of the Pequods, who, as the influence of one or the other

my enemies? Say no more, I command you, and speak not to the boy; thy kindness but sharpens my revenge.” There was no alternative. Magawisca must feel, or feign submission; and she laid her hand on her heart, and bowed her head, in token of obedience. Everell had observed, and understood her intercession, for, though her words were uttered in her own tongue, there was no mistaking her significant manner; but he was indifferent to the success of her appeal. He still felt the dying grasp of his

we have winked at the offence. But we will pass that-I would be the last to lift the veil that hath fallen over it; I only alluded to it, to enforce the necessity of a stricter watch over this lawless girl. Would it not be wise and prudent to take my brother’s counsel, and consign her to some one who should add to affection, the modest authority of a husband?” Governor Winthrop paused for a reply, but receiving none, he proceeded “One of our most promising youth hath this day discoursed to me of

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