Honestly Speaking: Insider Secrets of Hiring Professional Speakers to Deliver Outstanding Events

Honestly Speaking: Insider Secrets of Hiring Professional Speakers to Deliver Outstanding Events

Andrew Vine

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1781331758

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO HIRING PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS The public world of conferences, conventions and client events and the private world of internal corporate briefings and leadership programmes combine to create an events industry as robust as ever. Yet, in an increasingly complex and challenging world, those tasked to think up agendas are under pressure to deliver real insights and fresh thinking. Increasingly, they turn to professional speakers, with varying levels of experience and success. If you need to hire professional speakers for your organisation or events, Honestly Speaking has been written just for you. It provides insider tips, advice and suggestions to help you successfully navigate the world of professional speaking and avoid costly mistakes, so you can hire with confidence. Honestly Speaking will provide all the tools you need to: Create agendas that make you 'look smart' and 'act smart' in the eyes of your customers, partners, colleagues and shareholders by hiring the right speakers; Harness both the 'pull-factor' and the 'wow-factor' that speakers and moderators bring to events; Understand what really motivates speakers so that you can then manage them better and with more confidence; Plan a speaker engagement process right from the initial idea through to reviewing the success of the project; Effectively partner with speaker bureaus to save time, minimise the risks and maximise the results.












brand and they need to be sure that any association with you and your event is entirely positive. Corporate executives who are asked to speak at an event would ordinarily be considered to be free. What’s more, most organisations would not even seek compensation for the cost of flights, nor hotel. Free, with no hidden costs. Remember, though, the adage that, ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’. Think why a busy business executive would give up time to speak at your meeting or conference.

standards. TV anchors turn their hand more readily than anyone to ‘conference anchoring’, a term one of my moderators used the other day and which I thought summed up his role to a tee. Being journalists, they are inquisitive and probe issues. They are used to doing their homework in order to be effective interviewers and so this can be precisely the kind of rigour a conference programme needs. They are also very polished, highly presentable visually, and also unflappable individuals if things

your organisation who can fulfil this role, which avoids the cost and on the face of it gives more control over the programme, as well as providing you with someone upon whom you can rely. Beware, however, of senior executives thrusting themselves forward in this regard, who come perhaps with their own personal agenda of profile building, or have very large egos. This may of course be incredibly hard to resist, but the last thing your conference needs is to be hijacked by a self-serving

further, depending upon how far our conversations or negotiations had reached, as I may also know that some other activities are important to you which you would like included in the fee, and so I may say: ‘The fee always depends on a number of factors: yours is a large, client-facing event, and although she would probably charge USD 12k if this were held in London, we have to raise this slightly to cover the additional travel and out-of-town time implicated in getting her to Toronto. So, the

speaker; pull a check list together for the speaker’s engagement including a contact sheet. Execution check list Invoices: Raise a deposit invoice upon signing, the balance prior to the event Call: Set up a briefing call with the speaker Travel: Arrange for flights, visa, hotel and transfers, if required Slides: Coordinate the presentation slides, if applicable Write: Prepare an assignment check list and contact sheet F: Follow-up It always amuses me, having seen a crescendo of

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