Grim Reaper (LaStanza New Orleans Police Novels)

Grim Reaper (LaStanza New Orleans Police Novels)

O'Neil De Noux

Language: English

Pages: 216

ISBN: 1481889788

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

GRIM REAPER – LaStanza Novel #1 This is New Orleans - 1981. Police Detective Dino LaStanza’s first week in Homicide and he must handle the horrific murder of Marie Sumner, slashed to death on a quiet French Quarter street. LaStanza and his partner Mark Land work long, frustrating hours with no results. When another woman is slashed to death along Bayou St. John, the detectives bear witness to the carnage again. LaStanza feels even worse this time, almost useless. The media labels the killer ‘The Slasher’ and when he strikes a third time - murdering the daughter of a wealthy banker - LaStanza meets a young woman who changes his life. Lizette Marie Louvier is an alluring, intelligent young woman, a dark haired, uptown beauty beyond LaStanza’s reach and yet the attraction between the two is undeniable. The unrelenting pressure in the Homicide Pressure Cooker grows as LaStanza and his partners track a monstrous killer through the dark streets of the murder capitol of the U.S., hoping they can catch him before he kills again. Born in New Orleans, O’Neil De Noux is a prolific American writer of novels and short stories. Although much of De Noux’s fiction falls under the mystery genre (character-drive crime fiction primarily), he has published stories in many disciplines including mainstream fiction, children and young-adult fiction, science-fiction, suspense, fantasy, horror, western, literary, religious, romance, humor and erotica. In 2007, The Private Eye Writers of America awarded its prestigious SHAMUS AWARD for BEST SHORT STORY to “The Heart Has Reasons” by O'Neil De Noux. The SHAMUS is given annually to recognize outstanding achievement in private eye fiction. De Noux is also the 2009 DERRINGER AWARD winner for BEST NOVELETTE for “Too Wise.” The Derringer Awards are given annually to recognize excellence in the short mystery fiction form. In 2010, De Noux made a move to eBooks and print-on-demand books, teaming with other artists in the art co-op Big Kiss Productions and published SLICK TIME, a sexy caper novel, followed by collections NEW ORLEANS MYSTERIES, NEW ORLEANS NOCTURNAL, NEW ORLEANS CONFIDENTIAL, NEW ORLEANS PRIME EVIL and BACKWASH OF THE MILKY WAY. In June 2012, De Noux’s novel JOHN RAVEN BEAU was named 2011 POLICE BOOK OF THE YEAR by, a group that boasts of 1153 state and local law enforcement officials from 485 state and local law enforcement agencies who have written 2504 police books. A hyper-realistic crime story, JOHN RAVEN BEAU provides an intimate look into the beleaguered NOPD Homicide Division, a story that begins in the French Quarter and ends in a swamp, all within the city limits of America’s eternal city, a city that cannot be destroyed – New Orleans. Earlier in 2012, after six months of intensive research and eighteen months of non-stop writing, O’Neil De Noux published BATTLE KISS, a 320,000 word epic of love and war set against the panorama of the Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815. So timely is the book, released as the bicentennial of the War of 1812 arrives, Mr. De Noux received an Artist Services Career Advancement Award from the Louisiana Division of the Arts for his work on BATTLE KISS. Also in 2012, Mr. De Noux’s first private eye was published. ENAMORED a novel of obsession and murder, is set in 1950 New Orleans. Another crime novel, BOURBON STREET, set in 1947, was released in 2012, along with the young-adult superhero novel MISTIK. In 2012, O’Neil De Noux was elected Vice-President of the Private Eye Writers of America. In January 2013, the long-awaited return of NOPD Homicide Detective Dino LaStanza came with the publication of De Noux’s crime fiction tour-de-force NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE, along with the re-issue of all the previous LaStanza novels as trade paperbacks and eBooks. Two more LaStanza novels are forthcoming. LaStanza Novels #1 GRIM REAPER #2 THE BIG KISS #3 BLUE ORLEANS #4 CRESCENT CITY KILLS #5 THE BIG SHOW #6 NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE














was a dirty house, cluttered to the ceiling with books and stacks of papers. It took only a couple of strategic questions to get the whole story. The woman admitted that Tyrone had just fucked her. He was on his way back home, in the St. Bernard Housing Projects, by bus because there was no way she was driving anywhere near there at night. According to her, they had been together most of the night. She was nonchalant about the entire matter. It was a friendly conversation. I appreciated the

on the sandy part of the batture, about thirty feet from the river’s edge. He was standing next to a blue pickup truck. Mark and I climbed down the levee and took a roundabout way to Mason, walking far away from the other policemen, who were adding their footprints to the sand. “What’s up?” Mark asked as we stepped up. Mason, who lit another cigarette with the end of the cigarette he was about to throw away. He looked at me and nodded his head toward the body behind him. “This one’s yours,” he

young eyes away from me because there was nothing I could do, nothing anyone could do. It amazed me that a moment ago this house was a happy one. Even though Lynette was dead, they were still happy in their ignorance, until we had to come and tell them. “The father’s on his way,” Mason told me as we stepped outside. Mason found a patrolman standing outside the gate, called him in and sent him into the foyer. Then we went back to work. We left the sobbing behind. It was a sound that cut right

catch him.” “So will I, and not because it’s my job either,” I went on. “You don’t know me, but I don’t give up. I’ll never stop, never, until I get him. I don’t care how long it takes or what it takes. I’m gonna get him. Period.” She turned back to me and asked, “But will he get off, I means in the courts?” “I don’t know. I just hope he makes the fatal error of having something in his hand when I catch him, anything in his hand,” I said coolly, “because I’ll just blow his brains out. Period.”

There was a bed in the center of the room and a body on it, or the remains of a body. She lay on her back, spread eagle, her legs slashed to the bone. Her torso was now a empty cavity with its organs removed. I could see her liver and kidneys on one of the end tables. Her heart and lungs lay on the other end table. Ribbons of intestines stretched from the bed across the floor. My stomach flip-flopped and I felt the knot inside twist again. I closed my eyes a second, but it was all still there

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