The Gertrude Stein Reader: The Great American Pioneer of Avant-Garde Letters

The Gertrude Stein Reader: The Great American Pioneer of Avant-Garde Letters

Language: English

Pages: 533


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This anthology collects 51 of Stein's most experimental poems, stories, portraits, and plays.

















spread of rubbing has been shed then we will invite each one to sign himself Yours sincerely Herman G. Read and very quickly I include everything in that new name. We will now consider an ancient quadrille we will. Ladies change. How can you neglect admissions. And she was seated and she said I am not pledged to much retribution. Come again. Forward and back. Look right and not left. And lend a hand. The lend a hand society. Calming. Pocket the watch. Can soldiers surround a chinaman.

said no, what is there to show that the sun has sunshine if he is setting all the time. So the sun said he would shine even if it was nine and he did just as if he was a lid which he was because there was a cover which did cover all around the sun cover the sun all up and after that there was no bother nobody had to get up even at nine. Anyway there was no sunshine, not yesterday. It is different to-day. Thank you very much for such. Lesson Ten This is the way they talked. Who said which first.

has this advantage. It is an advantage that is easily enjoyed. The sixty-eighth all small culmination meets with this as their reward. We reward when and where we reward and we reward with rewards. And this is the use of a guardian, where it is guarded it is as well guarded as ever. The sixty-ninth how authoritative he is and he was. He was able to arrange for everything again and again and he said with hesitation why do I like to make sweets. Sweets to the sweet said some one. The seventieth

she paid for them and she was always worrying and she was quite putting off then paying and she did then pay for something and sometime she paid everything and she was being one knowing this thing that she could pay for everything. She was needing almost everything and was paying then and worrying then and paying a little again and again. She was feeding something. She was one feeding that thing, feeding being one knowing something. She was feeding something in feeding that thing. She was really

occasional. It respects understanding and salt and even a rope. It respect a newsstand and it also it very also respects desert. All the ice can descend together. Was there freedom, was there enchaining, was there even a height rising from higher. If there was what is a coat worth and by whom was it made when. A lining any lining is a trimming. More trimming is extra. A sort of arranging, a kindling of paying a shilling, does that mean another extravagance and more candles, no more candles. It

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