Genetics: A Conceptual Approach

Genetics: A Conceptual Approach

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Pages: 976

ISBN: 1319050964

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With Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, Ben Pierce brings a master teacher’s experiences to the introductory genetics textbook, clarifying this complex subject by focusing on the big picture of genetics concepts and how those concepts connect to one another. The new edition continues the Pierce tradition of pedagogical excellence and scientific currency. In addition, it features a new digital component, SaplingPlus, combining Sapling’s acclaimed online homework with an extensive suite of interactive learning resources and course management features.



















the males possess a new mutation), and they pass the trait on to all their daughters. ✔ little genetic information is found on the human Y chromosome. Maleness is one of the few traits in humans that has been shown to be Y linked. CONCEPTS CONCEPT CHECK 4 Y-linked traits appear only in males and are passed from a father to all his sons. A male affected with an X-linked dominant trait will have what proportion of offspring affected with the trait? a. /2 sons and 1/2 daughters 1 ✔ c. All

by collecting blood samples from Texas children and storing them for future research purposes, without the parents’ knowledge or consent. This action prompted passage of a new Texas state law requiring that parents be informed at the time of a child’s birth about potential uses of the samples; it also gives parents the right to withdraw their consent in the future and have the sample destroyed. Presymptomatic testing In addition to testing for genetic diseases in fetuses and newborns, testing

Transcription Apparatus 14.1 Many Genes Have Complex Structures 376 Alternative Processing Pathways 13.2 Transcription Is the Synthesis of an RNA Molecule from a DNA Template 354 The Template 375 The Structure of Messenger RNA 351 13.1 RNA, Consisting of a Single Strand of Ribonucleotides, Participates in a Variety of Cellular Functions 352 Classes of RNA 367 Chapter 14 RNA Molecules and RNA Processing 375 Introns Enzymes Required for Recombination The Structure of RNA Termination

44 Chapter 3 In 1993, scientists who were investigating a gene that affects the color of fur in mice discovered that the gene encodes the melanocortin-1 receptor. This receptor, when activated, increases the production of black eumelanin and decreases the production of red pheomelanin, resulting in black or brown fur. Shortly thereafter, the same melanocortin-1 receptor gene (MC1R) was located on human chromosome 16 and analyzed. When this gene is mutated in humans, red hair results. Most

captivity; so the hypothesis that red is dominant over black has never been tested. One day a genetics student is hiking through the forest and finds 30 female salamanders, some red and [Phil Degginger/Alamy.] some black, laying eggs. The student places each female and her eggs (from about 20 to 30 eggs per female) in separate plastic bags and takes them back to the lab. There, the student successfully raises the eggs until they hatch. After the eggs have hatched, the student records the

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