Funding Your Retirement: A Survival Guide

Funding Your Retirement: A Survival Guide

Max Newnham

Language: English

Pages: 312

ISBN: 0730375080

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are you worried about how you?re going to fund your retirement? Will you be able to afford the lifestyle you deserve? Many Australians are nearing or in retirement and many are not financially prepared. Funding Your Retirement: A Survival Guide will help you secure your financial future so you can enjoy the retirement you?ve dreamed of.

This comprehensive guide is packed with strategies, from salary sacrificing and making superannuation contributions to consolidating debt and building a balanced investment portfolio. Topics covered include:

? planning your retirement
? understanding retirement and taxation rules
? managing your superannuation
? determining if a self managed superannuation fund is right for you
? implementing wealth-creation strategies
? ensuring your funds last as long as they need to.











have unfettered access to all of their superannuation, even if they are still working full-time. Other conditions of release The other conditions of release for super that can be planned for as a part of your retirement funding strategies are: • permanent disablement • terminal illness • death • taking a transition to retirement pension. Having insurance within your super fund can cover you for the first three events, and can be a strategy for planning your retirement

couple two-thirds of the capital gain will be eligible for the residence exemption (because they have the residence exemption for six of the 11 years of renting), and only one-third will be caught for CGT. After receiving the 50 per cent general exemption, they will pay tax on only 16.7 per cent of the gain. CGT when you subdivide The capital gains tax exemption for a residence is limited to a house on no more than two hectares. A house on land measuring less than two hectares can still

understanding the basic principles of investing — setting goals and budgeting — I went on to experience other importance aspects of inves-ting. Some came from my professional experience, and others came from my personal investing experiences. These included the power of negative gearing and investing in property, and how investing in shares can be extremely rewarding — but shares can also have some major downsides. It is my personal investing experiences, and the professional experience of

sharemarket. Dollar cost averaging and margin lending are two strategies for this investment. Dollar cost averaging works if you commit to investing a regular amount into either direct shares or managed share funds. This strategy involves a person investing a set amount either monthly or quarterly. The secret of the strategy is to ensure the amount is invested regularly, no matter what the sharemarket is doing. In times of great market volatility, when the values of shares are regularly

by the commission-driven financial planning industry. This was a case of the financial planner tail wagging the managed investment scheme agribusiness industry dog. Many advisers, driven by the lure of 10 per cent commissions, sold these investments more on the tax reduction benefits than on investment returns and demanded that projects be structured in a way that made them unsustainable: so that the advisers’ commissions could be maximised in the year investors entered the investment, financial

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