Frommer's China (Frommer's Complete Guides)

Frommer's China (Frommer's Complete Guides)

Candice Lee, Jen Lin-Liu, Beth Reiber, Tini Tran, Lee Wing-sze

Language: English

Pages: 896

ISBN: 1118094190

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Frommer's China guides you to the highlights of this vast and varied land, and includes our authors' insider advice on the best experiences, from hiking through some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet to visiting traditional imperial sights.

  • Our expert authors, longtime residents in and frequent travelers to China, share their candid opinions on what's worth your time and what's not.
  • Frommer's China takes you from the Great Wall, to the terracotta warriors of Xi'an; from hidden Buddhist caves along the Silk Road to mystical mountains in the East. Plus, you'll have everything you need to enjoy a cosmopolitan adventure in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.
  • Learn strategies for when to travel independently and when to travel with a tour group. Our extensive transportation information and author recommendations help get you off the beaten path.
  • Detailed maps have Chinese characters, pinyin spelling, and English; and supplemental chapters list translations of hotels, restaurants, and points of interest.
  • Readers also get etiquette tips, exact prices and directions, logistical advice, and much more.



















paradise, with a range of Japanese, Korean, and western fashions. Qingniwa Jie, south of Shengli Guangchang (9am–9pm), is a materialistic mecca of malls, hotels, fast-food outlets, boutiques, and elaborate window displays unlike anything in China outside Shanghai or Hong Kong. The prices are very reasonable. If the labyrinth of underground shops, called the Dixia Shangchang, is too overwhelming, try the Japanese department stores Itokin (Yidujin). Time Square, next to Hotel Furama, is the

daily; 2 hr. 15 min.; ¥93 second class; ¥111 first class), Jilin City (frequent trains 6:50am–9:55pm; 34–39 min.; ¥34 second class; ¥41 first class). Fast train to Shanghai (three daily; 29 hr.–35 hr. 40 min.; ¥458–¥499 hard sleeper), and Dalian (6:12am and 10:20pm; 7 hr. 30 min.–8 hr.; ¥175 hard sleeper). The railway station (Changchun Zhan) is north of downtown, at the top of Renmin Dajie. Air-conditioned buses to Harbin (all day; 3 hr. 30 min.; ¥76) and Shenyang (all day; 3 hr. 30 min.; ¥82)

who came before them. However, this knowledge couldn’t help the dynasty from repeating the errors of the past, and when the Han dynasty finally came to a close, China was vast, but the imperial coffers were empty. A fractious 4-century period, known as the Three Kingdoms (220–581), followed and it wasn’t until the Sui dynasty (581–618) that China was reunited as a country. The Sui may have been short lived, but this didn’t stop them from building one of the world’s greatest waterways, the Grand

Wai Dajie XUANWU MUXIDI 112 Jie 11 HEPING MEN Xuanwu Men Wai Dajie Xi Sanhuan Bei Lu Xi Sanhuan Zhong Lu Yangfangdian Lu Bayun Lu Caiyuan Jie Beijing West Railway Station Xuanwu Men Xi Dajie 12 Changchun Jie M CHANGCHUN JIE 205 XI DAN XI DAN 115 M Xi Chang’an Fuxing Men Nei Dajie XUANWU MEN 206 Lianhua Xi Sanhuan Zhong Lu M Xi’an Men Dajie Fuyou Jie FUXING MEN 114/204 FENGTAI 8 NeiDajie San Li He Lu Picai Hutong M M Fuxing Men MUXIDI Wai Dajie NAN LISHI LU 112 113

Performances are loud and long, with dialogue sung on a screeching five-note scale and accompanied by a cacophony of gongs, cymbals, drums, and strings. This leaves most first-timers exhausted, but the exquisite costumes, elaborate face paint, and martial arts–inspired movements ultimately make it worthwhile. Several theaters now offer shortened programs more amenable to the foreign attention span, sometimes with English subtitles and plot summaries. Most tourists on tours are taken to the bland,

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