For Kicks

For Kicks

Dick Francis

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0425194981

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Australian horse breeder Daniel Roke had resisted the exorbitant sum of money offered by a suave Englishman to investigate a scandal involving drugged racehorses. But after another investigator dies mysteriously, Roke agrees to fill his shoes--and learns that men who would give drugs to horses are capable of doing much worse to human beings.





















the jersey I wore on top and shuffled back yawning to the dormitory, where the others were already up and struggling puffy-eyed into their clothes. Down in the yard it was so cold that everything one touched seemed to suck the heat out of ones fingers, leaving them numb and fumbling, and the air was as intense an internal shaft to the chest as iced coffee sliding down the oesophagus. Muck out the boxes, saddle up, ride up to the moor, canter, walk, ride down again, brush the sweat off, make the

none of the stable hands except the two head lads knew what had happened to Superman the previous summer, because none of them had been there at the time. And caution told me that the only reason the two top men stayed was because they knew what was going on, and that if I asked them about Superman I might find myself following smartly in Tommy Stapleton’s footsteps. I had heard all about the squalor of the living quarters at some stables, and I was aware also that some lads deserved no better –

fist into his stomach; and refraining wasn’t easy. For the sake of realism I knew I should have cried out loudly and begged him to stop, but when it came to the point I couldn’t do it. However, one could act what one couldn’t say, so I lifted both arms and folded them defensively round my head. He laughed and let go, and I slid down on to one knee and cowered against the wall. ‘You’re a proper little rabbit, aren’t you, for all your fancy looks.’ I stayed where I was, in silence. As suddenly

died, I did know. I had lived under their noses for seven weeks, and I had been careful: and because I intended to remain undetected to the end I spent a long time on Sunday wondering how I could conduct my experiment and get away with it. On Sunday evening, at about five o’clock, Adams drove into the yard in his shining grey Jaguar. As usual at the sight of him, my heart sank. He walked round the yard with Humber when he made his normal tour of inspection and stopped for a long time looking

chair. ‘Sit down,’ I suggested. ‘You’re in for a shock.’ She hadn’t seen me for three months, but it was only four days since Elinor had made her disastrous visit to Humber’s. She said hesitantly, ‘You don’t look the same… but you’re Daniel.’ I nodded, and she blushed painfully. Patty’s bright eyes looked straight into mine, and her pink mouth parted. ‘You… are you really? Danny boy?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh,’ A blush as deep as her sister’s spread up from her neck, and for Patty that was shame indeed.

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