First Year: An MLP Anthology

First Year: An MLP Anthology

J. A. Tyler

Language: English

Pages: 298

ISBN: 2:00254761

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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First Year [An MLP Anthology] collected our first 43 chapbooks into one anthology. In their original form these were 4×4 handmade chapbooks produced in limited editions of 50-150 copies, and the anthology collects them all, including spectacular and previously unpublished work by Shane Jones, Blake Butler, Sam Pink, Jac Jemc, Kim Chinquee, Brian Evenson, Peter Markus, David Ohle, Johannes Göransson, Ryan Call, Kevin Wilson, Lily Hoang, Michael Martone and many others.


"an anthology of everything we have printed in our four-by-four chapbooks beginning in 2008 & going through to the end of 2009 & featuring the writing of ken baumann, shane jones, jimmy chen, brandi wells, blake butler, nick antosca, sam pink, james chapman, colin bassett, michael kimball, jac jemc, kim chinquee, kim parko, norman lock, randall brown, brian evenson, michael stewart, peter markus, ken sparling, aaron burch, david ohle, matthew savoca, p. h. madore, johannes göransson, charles lennox, ryan call, elizabeth ellen, molly gaudry, kevin wilson, mary hamilton, craig davis, kendra grant malone, lavie tidhar, lily hoang, mark baumer, ben tanzer, krammer abrahams, joshua cohen, eugene lim, c. l. bledsoe, joanna ruocco, josh maday, & michael martone as they first appeared in mud luscious print & here collected all together"


- How long before you started doing the little chapbooks (of which I have a million)?

- I think it was late 2008 when I officially started those, though 2009 – 2010 was when I produced the bulk of those. We made 43 volumes in the first year, and another ~35 in 2010 / 2011 before we officially stopped making them.















lion, whether made from a lion mom & dad or carefully arranged in squares & triangles. Isn't it wonderful how we're all the same? NOT THE SAME. Vincent, please, it would serve you to be an optimist in pessimists clothing. A cheerleader outfitted in a gas mask. Act III The casual road to nowhere is the causal road to effect. The daily dose of carcinogens can now be bought in tablet or capsule form. We were practicing our tableau. We were arranged around the sea. The first act was an act of god.

He liked gin. He liked beer & anchovy sandwiches. Not sweets! He also liked lingerie. Some reminded him of bonbons wrapped in crinkly pastel papers. He let his mind go. But no farther than the universe, which stopped at the moment just beyond his fingers picking at the tufts of chenille. A UNIVERSE OF THE BODY, he thought languidly. HOW COMFORTING FOR A MIND THAT IS TORMENTED BY THE UNCERTAINTY OF QUARKS, BY BODY-PIERCING NEUTRINOS & THE ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE. BY STRING THEORY. His wife

wand. We lay in my mother's bed, plugged it in. I put it in her ear, under her arms, on her belly 94 button. My mom found us, yelled at us as if we had any idea what we were doing. We didn't understand her anger, didn't get that it was she who'd been discovered. At some point, I looked up, the miner' hat askew I'm sure-& she laughed so hard. How I must have looked, wearing that thing, shining that light. I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE DOING THIS, she said. She flushed rose. No one's ever done such a

the not fish peter markus First there is the fish & then there is the not fish. The not fish is the fish that used to be. This fish used to live & swim & eat & be a fish in a lake but now the not fish sits in a pan that is hot steel on a stove & it sits here in a pool of lard & the not fish turns brown on one side & then it is turned from side to side so that it does not burn to black. When the not fish is done, the not fish is placed on a plate & the plate is placed on the lap of the man who

skipping it because I didn't need it to graduate. Also, Megan O'Malley & I used that hour to sneak over to her parents' house while they were still on their shifts at the auto plant. She wasn't supposed to have a boyfriend. That was the only time we had together. I don't know how they never caught me. My fingerprints were all over their daughter. [1986] Dear David Vaughn, I'm not sorry about dating Carol McAnallan after you broke up with her, but I want you to know that I wouldn't have done it

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