Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture (Encyclopedias of Contemporary Culture)

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture (Encyclopedias of Contemporary Culture)

Language: English

Pages: 824

ISBN: 0415241294

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the first reference book to digest this vast cultural output and make it accessible to the English-speaking world. It contains nearly 1,200 entries written by an international team of specialists, to enable readers to explore a range of diverse and fascinating cultural subjects from prisons to rock groups, underground Christian churches to TV talk shows and radio hotlines. Experimental artists with names such as 'Big-Tailed Elephants' and 'The North-Pole Group' nestle between the covers alongside entries on lotteries, gay cinema, political jokes, sex shops, theme parks, 'New Authoritarians' and 'Little Emperors'.

While the focus of the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture is on mainland China since 1980, it also includes longer, specially commissioned entries on various aspects of contemporary culture in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Including full and up-to-date references for further reading, this is an indispensable reference tool for all teachers and students of contemporary Chinese culture. It will also be warmly embraced as an invaluable source of cultural context by tourists, journalists, business people and others who visit China.
















more active Shanghai auction companies are Guotai Art Auction, Shanghai International Commodity Auction and Shanghai New Century Auction, all of which have been operating since the early to mid 1990s. Auction companies have also been established in many of China’s major cities. Items typically on auction include Chinese ancient and modern paintings and calligraphy, porcelain items, ancient furniture, Chinese oil paintings and sculpture, rare books, folk art, jewellery, stamps and coins. Since the

China and overseas, including ‘Century-Woman’ in Beijing (Spring, 1998) and ‘Die Hälfte des Himmels’ [Half of the Sky] at the Frauenmusuem in Bonn, Germany (1998). She lives in Beijing and New York. Further reading Dal Lago, Francesca (1999). ‘Embroidering with Paint’. In Off the Canvas (exhibition catalogue). Beijing: The Courtyard Gallery. [Reprinted in Wu Hong (ed.) (2001). Chinese Art at the Crossroads: Between Past and Future. Hong Kong: New Art Media.] Wu, Hung (1999). ‘Rotten Red’. In

seminal exhibition ‘China’s New Art, Post1989’ in Hong Kong, one of the first large shows of experimental art. In 1994 and 1996, he curated the Special Chinese Exhibitions for the 22nd and 23rd São Paulo Bienniels in Brazil, and, in 1995 he selected the Chinese artists for the Venice Biennale centenary exhibition. In 1996, with Graeme Murray he curated ‘Reckoning with the Past: Contemporary Chinese Painting’ (Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland), the first exhibition to present to an

Buddhist music calendars and almanacs Catholic villages Catholicism China Christian Council Christianity (Protestantism) Christianity among national minorities cultural Christians Daoism (Daojiao), recent history of Daoism (Quanzhen order) Daoism (Zhengyi tradition) Daoism among minority nationalities Daoist monasteries/abbeys Daoist music Daoist priests Ding Guangxun divination and fortune-telling Document 19 (1982) Dragon Boat Festival fachang faith healing (Christian) Falun gong fengshui

journals Hualang Jiangsu huakan Meishu Meishu sichao Zhongguo meishubao Individual artists I (experimental) Ai Weiwei Cai Guoqiang Cai Jin Chen Danqing Chen Haiyan Chen Zhen Cheng Conglin Ding Fang Ding Yi Fang Lijun Feng Jiali Feng Mengbo Geng Jianyi Gu Dexin Gu Xiong Huang Yongping Li Shan Li Yongbin Lin Tianmiao Liu Wei Liu Xiaodong Lü Shengzhong Luo Zhongli Ma Liuming Mao Lizi Mao Yan Qiu Zhijie Sheng Qi Shi Hui Song Dong Song Yonghong Su Xinping Sui Jianguo Wang Gongxin Wang Guangyi Wang

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