Deep Dark Chocolate: Decadent Recipes for the Serious Chocolate Lovers

Deep Dark Chocolate: Decadent Recipes for the Serious Chocolate Lovers

Sara Perry, Jane Zwinger

Language: English

Pages: 197

ISBN: 2:00227508

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dark chocolate lovers will fall head over heels for each of the more than 60 indulgent recipes in Deep Dark Chocolate. Everyday treats include Black Magic Chocolate Espresso Cookies and Crunchy Nut Bittersweet Caramel Bars, while fancy delights like Papa Haydn's Chocolate Gateau and Little Chocolate Cheesecake with Mocha Affogato offer up irresistible decadence. Whether the recipe calls for bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, cocoa nibs, cocoa beans, or all of them together, everyone at the dinner table will be saving room for dessert! With gorgeous chocolate-drenched photographs and a quick primer that reveals the essentials about this highly sought after treat (it's high in healthy antioxidants!), Deep Dark Chocolate keeps the bittersweet-tooth forever satisfied.




















deep dark CHOCOLATE Beauty Shot #1 deep dark CHOCOLATE DECADENT RECIPES for t¬e serious CHOCOLATE LOVER bμ SARA PERRY p¬otograp¬s by FRANCE RUFFENACH CHRONICLE BOOKS San Francisco dedication and ac√nowƒedΩments To my friends and colleagues Amy Treadwell, Jane Zwinger, Kathlyn Meskel, and Karen Brooks. Your support, insights, and ways around the kitchen (and a paragraph) make me shine. Thanks go to the many chefs and cooks I have interviewed over the years for my weekly Oregonian

praise for Cheryl Porro: Cheryl is a software engineer by day and the author of I came upon her Web site and was immediately taken by her cupcake liners, which she explains are Wilton’s standard-size “Nut & Party” cups. Check them out in Sources (page 192) or on Cheryl’s site. They’re nifty. Adding the small amount of Dutch-process cocoa powder here gives the cupcakes a darker color. If you don’t have any, it’s fine to leave it out. ¹/³ cup premium unsweetened cocoa powder 1

Chocolate Tarts 97 Wednesday Wild’s Wintertime Chocolate-Caramel Tart 100 a little chocolate cheesecake with mocha affogato 104 some more S’MORE PIE, PLEASE serves 6 MAKES ONE 9-INCH TART WHO CAN RESIST THE COMBINATION OF DARK CHOCOLATE, crunchy graham crackers, and warm, melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows, especially when you can dispense with hauling wood for the campfire? If you’re on the lookout for a plate-and-fork way to enjoy one of the most revered trinity of treats, this scrumptious,

CHOCOLATE PIES, TARTS, AND A CHEESECAKE 101 EARL GREY ICE CREAM ma√es about 1 1/2 QUARTS ICE CREAM 3 cups heavy (whipping) cream 1 cup half-and-half 3 premium Earl Grey tea bags such as Tazo, Taylors of Harrogate, or Twinings Pinch of salt 8 large egg yolks, at room temperature ½ cup granulated sugar ½ cup firmly packed light brown sugar Pour the cream, half-and-half, tea bags, and salt into the top of a double boiler set over simmering water. Heat until small bubbles appear around the

baking tips for, 32 Bittersweet Chocolate-Caramel Cracker Cookies, 39–40 Black Magic Chocolate Espresso Cookies, 45–46 Chocolate Chip Cookies That Have It All, 38 Chocolate Cookies with All the Chips, 37–38 Crunchy Nut Bittersweet Caramel Bars, 40 He-Loves-Me-Not Valentine Hearts, 51–53 Lunchbox Chocolate–Spanish Peanut Cookies, 44 Nibby Hanukkah Coins, 53 Piedras Blancas, 41–42 Triple Chocolate–Spanish Peanut Cookies, 43–44 Cool-Hand Chocolate Pretzels, 162–63 Couverture, 18 Crackers. See also

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