Death in the Castle: A Novel

Death in the Castle: A Novel

Pearl S. Buck

Language: English

Pages: 130

ISBN: B001U4PQ90

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


An ancient castle, a cash-strapped and psychologically unstable aristocratic couple, and the rumor of ghosts weave together in this sparkling historical mystery from Pearl S. Buck.

Sir Richard Sedgeley and Lady Mary are broke and without an heir to the castle that’s been in their family for centuries. Tourists are infrequent, and the offers they’ve received are not ones they can live with: a state-run prison or a museum in America. What is the remedy, and is it true that there’s treasure hidden somewhere under their noses? Featuring a cast of outsize characters—timid Mary, her possibly mad husband, Wells the Butler, and his mysterious daughter Kate—Death in the Castle is a suspenseful delight by the author of The Good Earth.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author’s estate.












here?” “All my life, sir.” He paused at an oaken table at the foot of a stairway and lit a candle which was standing there. “We go up two flights, if you please, sir, to reach the Duke’s room from this side of the castle.” “The Duke of what, by the way?” “The Duke of Starborough, sir. He was a protégé of Richard the Second, I believe. His room is not so damp as some on the lower floors. And I expect you have enjoyed the view of the river and the village when you look out in the morning.”

out of the room into the passage that led to Sir Richard’s room. No use looking for him there—but she glanced into the open door nevertheless, and to her astonishment she saw him sitting now at the table by the open window. He was dressed in his usual tweeds, his hair neatly brushed, his face calm. “Sir Richard!” she gasped. “Where did you come from? It was only a few minutes ago I was here.” He did not reply. She came toward him. “Did you hear me call? You didn’t answer—” “You forget

Broomhall’s eyes met Kate’s in a significant glance. Something is wrong here, the glance said. She nodded. They had arrived at the door of Lady Mary’s room. Kate opened it and he carried her in and laid her upon the bed. But she sat up suddenly and cried out. “Richard!” For there Sir Richard stood in the middle of the room, as though he were waiting for her entrance. “My dear,” he said, coming forward. “Where have you been? I’ve looked everywhere for you. One of the men said he saw you coming

mother every morning I might have felt the same. She is a Gorgon but you’re not. You’ve a face like a rose, Mary, and I want to see it across my breakfast kidney and bacon. It’s my prerogative.” “All the same, I shan’t talk,” she had threatened while her eyes smiled. “You needn’t,” he had said, and through the thirty-five years of their happy marriage she had been very nearly silent in the morning, though faithfully breakfasting with him. Stubborn little thing! He looked at the rose of a face

was, and he was laughing. The very next minute he was dead.” “How much I’ve never known,” Lady Mary whispered. Her white face was whiter than ever. She looked about the room vaguely. “Where is Kate? Tell her I—I—I must—” “Here I am, my lady,” Kate said, alarmed. “Shall you go back to your own room, dear?” Lady Mary shook her head. “No. We must find him … in there. …” She pointed to the open panel and again led the way, now into the passage beyond, Webster on one side, Kate on the other and

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