Dead Watch (Night Watch)

Dead Watch (Night Watch)

John Sandford

Language: English

Pages: 406

ISBN: 0425215695

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Lucas Davenport novels delivers “a page-turner with a new hero, [and a] breakneck pace" (Minneapolis Star Tribune).

“Former Sen. Lincoln Bowe, a Republican, has been missing for several days, setting off alarms on both sides of the political aisle. Finally, he is discovered in the remote Virginia woods, barb-wired to a tree, burned almost beyond recognition and missing his head. Democratic ‘research assistant’ (read: fixer) Jacob Winter, ex-Army Intelligence, wounded in Afghanistan, is called in by the Democratic president to unravel an extremely messy situation and shield his office from any hint of scandal. As this runaway train picks up speed, innocents are murdered, and the guilty come to Jesus…
"…Sandford is a master at creating believable, indelible characters like Winter…[He] is peerless when it comes to economical, taut plotting, most notably at building tension. Dead Watch is anything but politics as usual.”—San Antonio Express-News














suggested a large dog sometimes kept on a chain. No dog visible. The front blinds were open. Could be a dog inside. From the road, he could see a sheet of white paper hanging on the door. In training for Afghanistan, Jake had taken a course in burglary—what the army called surreptitious entry—from an ex-burglar hired by the CIA. It turned out that surreptitious entry was not particularly practical in Afghanistan, but the training had been interesting. After three passes, he slowed and turned

black shirt, black trousers, and black canvas Converse All Stars. He was wearing a khaki tennis hat. He was lean, with a face too weathered for his age, which was about the same as Jake’s. With his long nose and black clothing, he had the aspect of a crow. He saw Jake coming, watched him for a moment, then turned away and played with a television at the back of the guardhouse. The guard said, “Jake Winter.” Not a question. “Yes.” “I’ll take you in,” he said. He popped a latch on the steel gate

office. Gina answered: “This is Jake. I need to talk to the guy.” “I thought you were all done?” “I am. But something came up, and this is pretty urgent.” Danzig came on the phone a minute later, his voice cautious. “Jake? I’ve been hearing some rumors about Madison . . .” “The city, or the woman?” “The city . . .” “Yeah. I was there. Things are rough. But: I’ve made contact with the package in question. I need you to establish my bona fides with a woman here . . . It’s important.” He

DVDs into Jake’s notebook, going through the notes, the records, the bank documents, the real estate titles, and tax documents. Altogether, the package was as devastating as advertised. If true. “If true,” Jake said. “Well, Al Green said that the thing is, everything here has a public record behind it. Records that the Landerses can’t dodge,” Levine said. “It’s all visible, but nobody could ever tie it together without inside knowledge.” Jake looked at his watch. “I gotta get you out of here.”

Westboro’s almost every day, a little after noon.” They both looked at a wall clock. Ten-thirty. “It’s where all the legislators hang out. He goes there and meets people and they have lunch and do politics. He takes his briefcase and his laptop with him and he usually leaves it on the floor of the backseat when he gets out. The cop leaves the car in a parking garage. It’s pretty dark in there.” “You’re saying . . .” “You might be able to grab the bag and run. You wouldn’t be able to copy it

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