Darkness Follows (Darkness Series Book 2)

Darkness Follows (Darkness Series Book 2)

J.L. Drake

Language: English

Pages: 226


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Emily McPhee is in the clutches of a monster…

Despite the protection of her boyfriend Seth Connors and his colleagues with the Orange Police Department, Emily is imprisoned in a basement by her psychopathic stalker Jimmy Lasko. His bizarre behavior adds to her terror, and a video link forces Seth to witness her captivity, leaving him feeling helpless as he, the OPD, and the FBI search for her.

Freedom isn’t free, and safety is just an illusion…

Though Emily escapes the basement, the threat is far from eliminated. In fact, things she learned while being held by Lasko lead her to believe he isn’t working alone. Lasko is still out there, determined to get her back, and crazier than ever. If he does have a partner, Emily has no idea where the threat might lie or who she can trust.

It’s impossible to live a normal life when family ties become tangled.

Emily is deeply hurt when Seth is reminded that their relationship might endanger her further and he pulls away again. She’s even more frustrated when her globe-trotting mother returns and is charming to everybody…except her own daughter.

When Emily meets Seth’s family, she loves his mom and little sister, isn’t sure what to make of his flirtatious brother—who is also a cop—and finds herself very uneasy around his father, who is a powerful attorney.

Sometimes things seem very clear…until you look more closely.














dropped the pad of paper. I watched as he pulled out a needle. Emily started to panic; her soundless cry was painful to watch. He gripped her arm and roughly shoved the needle into her skin. I held the table as Lasko turned to the camera and smiled. He leaned in and held her limp face and kissed her lips. She tried to move, but the drugs started to take effect. He walked his fingers into her tank top and gently felt her breast for a moment. Then, with a grin at me, he slowly walked back upstairs

kidnappings unless there was a good reason. “They think Lasko was involved in a kidnapping in Texas, and because of the bodies that were found on the property,” Matthews said quickly, like he reminded me rather than telling me for the first time. I closed my eyes while I tried to process the information. “Look.” He turned to glance at the door. “I don’t have much time. I’m here to tell you that your escape only made it worse. They…You need to disappear until this gets taken care of!” he

reached over and jotted my cell phone number down on a blue notepad. “Call me.” Jack met me by the door. We had our formal goodbyes. His intense gaze made me shift uneasily. I started down the stairs, only to hear Nicholas call out my name. He met me at the bottom. “Thanks for coming,” he said, but his face dropped when he saw my expression. He moved a little closer. “Are you all right?” The pad of his thumb swiped my cheek free of a tumbling tear. I closed my eyes and turned away from his

rolled my eyes. “How are you not taken?” I joked at his vain flattery toward himself. “I like to be available for when Matt Bomer realizes I’m better suited for him than Simon Halls.” “Ah, of course.” I looked over the menu. Everything looked delicious. “Emily,” Riley came up to me, “I’m not covering for you anymore. Call Connors.” Crap, the calls must have started. I grabbed my phone and saw four texts from Seth. I sighed while the phone rang. He answered on the second ring. “Where are

someone who did choose good over evil in the end. I hoped wherever he was, he was finally at peace. With a glance at the clock, I noticed I needed to hurry if I wanted to make it to Martha’s Thanksgiving dinner with the amount of errands I had ahead of me. I was rather excited to see them again, and beyond touched that they invited me. “You good, baby?” Seth asked as he wrapped his arms around my stomach. “Yeah.” I looked over my shoulder. “Yeah, you know what, I think I am.” *** Later

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