Dad's Book Of Awesome Recipes: From Sweet Candy Bacon to Cheesy Chicken Fingers, 100+ Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Dad's Book Of Awesome Recipes: From Sweet Candy Bacon to Cheesy Chicken Fingers, 100+ Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Mike Adamick

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1440588171

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's time for serious kitchen fun!

Sweet, buttery Cinnamon Raisin Fresh Toast Sticks. Crispy, crunchy Bottom-of-the-Bucket Drumsticks. Ooey-gooey Microwave S'mores. Whether your kids have been preparing their own lunches for years or are just starting out in the kitchen, Dad's Book of Awesome Recipes is your all-in-one guide to helping them create tasty meals your whole family will devour. From PB&J Bites and Veggie Rolls to Pasta alla Carbonara and Cheesy Rice–Stuffed Tomatoes, this cookbook offers step-by-step instructions for concocting a variety of yummy dishes that are perfect for snacktime, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bursting with 100+ kid-friendly recipes, each page helps you inspire your little chef to take the lead in the kitchen and make culinary creations of their own.

Complete with advice on teaching them cooking basics, Dad's Book of Awesome Recipes encourages you and your kids to unleash your creativity as you whip up tasty meals in one of the most fun rooms in the house!












From Whit Honea’s astoundingly large sandwich to Jason Sperber’s mouthwatering kale potatoes, from Doyin Richards’s Boomin’ Banana Bread to Chris Routly’s perfect gnocchi, their recipes and insights into cooking with kids make this book so much better, and I am so grateful for their contributions. These are dads who have huge hearts, and amazing knife skills to boot. I’m thrilled to feature their family favorites and hope you’ll be just as delighted as I was at their creativity and talent. Just

child’s cookery. But man, kids go bonkers for these things. You can flavor the popcorn any way you want—salt and pepper, butter, chili powder, garlic powder, grated cheese, you name it. But the fun comes from taking an ordinary paper lunch sack and personalizing it. The kids always feel like it’s their very own special snack they made. And, well, it is. Here’s what you need: TOOLS Microwave, paper lunch bags, crayons, grater or microplane, measuring spoon INGREDIENTS 1 microwave popcorn bag 1

the flatter, cut end as the rest of the body—complete with 8 legs dangling down. Use a knife to cut out 2 eyes and a smile on the top half of the hot dog, if you really want to impress. Just kind of gouge out two tiny circles for eyes and a half circle for the smile. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You’ll get better at it. Serve plain, or with butter and cheese or even in a “sea” of sauce in a bowl. No limits. DIY Arzak-ish Eggs DIFFICULTY: Hard • MAKES: 1 egg This recipe comes straight from

the knot, cut it off. Here’s the cool part. Now that you have an egg sack wrapped up and dangling from a string, wrap the other end of the string around the chopstick a few times. You’re going to put the chopstick over the pot and adjust the length of the string so that the egg sack dangles perfectly into the water. Give it a quick dunk to see if the egg sack dangles just right—it should be below the surface of the water but not touching the bottom, and adjust string once you find the right

batch, move the toast to a cutting board and slice up into as many sticks as you please (I got the serving size by cutting 8 slices of bread into 4 sticks each). Thin, thick, small, large . . . let your sous chef decide. Move the sticks to a plate and sprinkle a dash of sugar on top and serve with a small cup of syrup to dunk into. DAD TIP You can use just about any bread you like or have on hand. I like the cinnamon bread without raisins myself, but kids seem to like raisins, so there you go.

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