Cultures in Motion

Cultures in Motion

Peter N. Stearns

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0300082290

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When different cultures come in contact with one another, the impact on the course of history can be dramatic and unexpected. Encounters between separate societies or civilizations have resulted in the spread of major religions, vast migrations, scientific breakthroughs, the dissemination of powerful political notions, and many other transformations. This unique book brings to life key episodes of cultural contact in world history, from the beginnings of civilization to the present. Through a combination of vivid case studies and imaginative colour maps, award-winning history professor Peter Stearns shows how we can better understand world history by examining what happens when culture meets culture. New contacts can lead to assimilation, rejection, or, most often, a merging of elements from both cultures. Stearns focuses on fourteen important historical examples of intercultural exchange from around the globe. He considers: * the spread of major religions, such as Buddhism and Islam * voluntary and forced migrations, such as the Jewish and African diasporas * the dissemination of modern forces, including nationalism and Marxism * the impact of European colonial rule on gender relations in India and in Africa * recent international diffusion of consumer culture as well as much else. For each example, original maps reveal geographic patterns and provide a clear sense of the impact of that particular meeting of cultures.




















wealthy, the Richmond, Bill, 57 The Rise of the Network Society (Castells), 9 Rodgers, Daniel T., 1–19, 271 Roger II of Sicily, 122 Rome, Roman society, 88–89, 91, 92, 94, 96 Roosevelt, Franklin, 175 Rostow, W. W., 166–67, 192 Rousseau, Philip, 97 Ryan, F. D., 211, 212 Sadat, Jehan, 241, 260 Sahlins, Marshall, 248 sailors, 13, 23, 24, 35, 50, 121, 124 Saliba, George, 127, 315n96 Sang, Edward, 144 Santos, Boaventura de Sousa, 243 Sapientia Sinica, 226, 233 Saragon, Katalina, 110,

poor had become the language of all potential victims of the power of kings and their representatives.49 Furthermore, this language put the bishops at center stage. They were encouraged to draw on their “soft” power as advocates of the poor to act as spokesmen for entire regions (and, indeed, for entire kingdoms) on issues of oppression and clemency that affected the political community as a whole. MAGNUM ET MIRABILE DONUM DEI: “A GREAT AND AMAZING GIFT OF GOD.” WEALTH FOR THE OTHER WORLD But

relations between order and charisma in a religious movement. Idealism never lasts. Social mores tend to prevail. If these are the mores of a Roman aristocracy, we are somewhat relieved. It is comforting to think that the views of upholders of the good old Roman ways did not give way entirely to irresponsible Christian hotheads, who had urged the renunciation of all wealth. If we are historians of Christian thought, we can even ignore the phenomenon. We can be content to say that the wealth of

of the court in three stages of education may have been based upon his knowledge of Chinese practices.51 Particularly intense periods of exchange occurred during the Bronze Age (ca. 3500–800 BCE) as societies fiercely competed and exchanged for the tin and copper to produce valued metal. Greater exchange across Eurasia often unfolded concurrently with the emergence of greater differentiation in culture and religion.52 Corpora of texts began to form which would come to constitute the principal

The feminization of the worker and naturalization of the industrial landscape suggest an awkward attempt to fit industrialization into older tropes of Caribbean island paradise. A postcard titled “Alcoa bauxite,” for example, captions its image from Trinidad, “The delicate pink blush on the Tembladora Transfer Station is from raw bauxite ore from which Aluminum is made.” FIGURE 6.5: Harriet and Bernard Pertchik, Alcoa Steamship Co. ad, Holiday, April 1951. (Author’s private collection.) The

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