Colonial American Travel Narratives (Penguin Classics)

Colonial American Travel Narratives (Penguin Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 014039088X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Four journeys by early Americans Mary Rowlandson, Sarah Kemble Knight, William Byrd II, and Dr. Alexander Hamilton recount the vivid physical and psychological challenges of colonial life. Essential primary texts in the study of early American cultural life, they are now conveniently collected in a single volume.

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Annapolis enquiring about a title he had to some land in Maryland) was a very rough spun, forward, clownish blade, much addicted to swearing, att the same time desirous to pass for a gentleman; notwithstanding which ambition, the conscientiousness of his naturall boorishness obliged him frequently to frame ill tim’d apologys for his misbehaviour, which he termed frankness and freeness. It was often, “Damn me, gentlemen, excuse me; I am a plain, honest fellow; all is right down plain dealing, by

flesh that it fills them full of gross humours”; hence his nickname for North Carolina, “Lubberland.” In contrast to Rowlandson and Knight, who were too busy making their way through the wilderness to make leisurely comments on the flora and fauna, Byrd notes the medicinal properties of the ginseng root, which was found along the riverbanks and traditionally considered a source of male potency and regeneration. Byrd also plays on the alleged powers of bear meat to enhance male potency, as he

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oblidged us to trench in our Tent to cast off the Water. The Line crost Meherin 5 times in all. 24. So Soon as the Men cou’d dry their Blankets, we sent away the Surveyor who made a Shift to carry the Line 7 Miles. But we thought it proper not to decamp believing we might easily overtake the Surveyors before to Morrow Night. Our Shooters kill’d 4 more Wild Turkeys. Meanwell & Capt Stith pretended to go a hunting, but their Game was 2 fresh colour’d Wenches, which were not hard to hunt down. The

Honest Meanwell hearing this, & I suppose not giving entire Credit to it, immediately lugg’d out his Pencil, saying in a Comical Tone, that since he was for Minutes, I-Gad he wou’d take a Minute of that. The other took Fire at this, & without any preface or Ceremony seized a Limb of our Table, big enough to knock down an Ox, and lifted it up at Meanwell, while he was scratching out his Minutes. I happening to see him brandish this dangerous Weapon, darted towards him in a moment, to stop his

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