China Winter. Workers, Mandarins, and the Gang of Four

China Winter. Workers, Mandarins, and the Gang of Four

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WINTER 36 This method of disseminating information, even if often it is on a par with the intellectual and moral impoverishment of the individuals charged with spread- ing it, is part of a precise plan of the moderates. The aim is to repress the free and explanation of the conflicts in Chinese society and to substitute expression — —first in the minds of the masses, then in the minds offoreign observers the image of abstract power struggles among groups that are identifiable only

well, also meat (buns and dumplings that have been filled and a very different thing from a meal. more bowls of rice, vegetables, or baozi or jiaozi who can allow himself tea, a end of the meal. A banquet is de rigueur when invitations are issued, but even if you simply go out to a restaurant and order for more than a certain number, a meal automatically becomes a banquet and must be served as a banquet, which is to say, at a round table and according to established rules for the quantity,

seriously annotated editions of Lu Xun's But where are these people, which up to now had been unpublished. yet not the letters, how . does one get to meet them? the bureaucracy; the night school be, since we have the workers is We is . . are permitted to have contact only with not concealed from us only because it can't work in it; the great curtain that is lowered to hide even only now and then fleetingly raised. What veins run through this to country beneath the thin glaze?

the He also said, "If it's true, it will be terrible. And you people, you can count on being sent back home." Susan's interpreter knew nothing and asked for particulars. The interpreter for the French couple, who is the son of intellectuals from Xi'an and a dull-witted conformist, responded with slogans, but then he, too, asked for more details. According to Dagmar, her interpreter knew but only in a vague way. Uta's young interpreter knew nothing and was incredulous. At least verbally, all of

dominate themselves totally, they are totally lost. Some Westerners keep the dazibao fresh in their minds, especially the names mentioned, until they can write them down from memory. I haven't the strength to do that, for I find I am overcome by disgust and boredom. I am falling short of a duty, I know; the writings that cover the walls of this city are important historical sources, more so than newspapers are elsewhere, and almost all of them will be lost, for there is no one who, whether

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