China in Oceania: Reshaping the Pacific? (Foundations in Asia Pacific Studies)

China in Oceania: Reshaping the Pacific? (Foundations in Asia Pacific Studies)

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Pages: 240

ISBN: 1845456327

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It is important to see China's activities in the Pacific Islands, not just in terms of a specific set of interests, but in the context of Beijing's recent efforts to develop a comprehensive and global foreign policy. China's policy towards Oceania is part of a much larger outreach to the developing world, a major work in progress that involves similar initiatives in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. This groundbreaking study of China's "soft power" initiatives in these countries offers, for the first time, the diverse perspectives of scholars and diplomats from Oceania, North American, China, and Japan. It explores such issues as regional competition for diplomatic and economic ties between Taiwan and China, the role of overseas Chinese in developing these relationships, and various analyses of the benefits and drawbacks of China's growing presence in Oceania. In addition, the reader obtains a rare review of the Japanese response to China's role in Oceania, presented by Japan's leading scholar of the Pacific region.




















agreement with China AusAID. See Australian Government's Overseas Aid Program Australia administration of Papua New Guinea ethnic Chinese immigrants immigration from Pacific immigration laws and policies intervention in Solomon Islands natural resources relations with China relations with Pacific Island states views of Chinese policy in Oceania World War II and Australia, aid to Pacific Island states amounts “boomerang” effect conditionally coordination with other donors to

Fiji Chinese businesses Chinese community Chinese workers corruption coups drug trade fisheries foreign investment in garment industry garment workers independence mineral resources regional role relations with Soviet Union relations with Taiwan relations with United States sanctions imposed on tourism trade UN membership Fiji, relations with China after coup (2006) aid background bilateral agreements diplomatic relations economic cooperation agreements educational

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