Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies

Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies

Consumer Dummies, John Trigilio Jr., Kenneth Brighenti, James Cafone, Jonathan Toborowsky

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ISBN: 2:00340354

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Grasp the beliefs and practices about one of the world's oldest religions

Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies is your all-inclusive guide to the Catholic Church and its billions of followers. You'll learn how Catholicism came to be, how it's practiced, and where it stands socially and politically as you explore the rich history and diverse culture surrounding this major religion. Clear, friendly writing takes you inside a mass to understand what happens there, and walks you through a tour of the saints, holidays, the Bible, and the Vatican. Special coverage includes the role of women in the Church and in the Bible, and the tremendous popularity of Pope Francis, who has quickly become one of the Vatican's most-loved leaders. You'll dive into the beliefs and practices of Catholicism and get answers to the most common, confusing, controversial, and worrisome questions.

Catholicism is quickly expanding beyond its 1.2 billion followers, with growing numbers of priests and new baptisms every year. Attendance at papal events has tripled to 6.6 million since Pope Francis' election in 2013, and Catholicism has become the largest religious denomination on the planet by a wide margin. This book explains what makes Catholicism so alluring, giving you insight into the religion and everything it entails.

• Discover the complicated history of the Catholic church
• Understand what goes on at mass, and why
• Learn where the Church stands on important issues
• Explore Pope Francis's unprecedented popularity across cultures

The Catholic Church has been reinvigorated and revitalized with the enthusiasm surrounding Pope Francis, and his openness to the world and everyone in it. If your curiosity has been piqued, Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies is the ideal guide to learning what it's all about.



















Protestants. With the help of pamphlets explaining the Catholic faith, Father Francis recatechized the region of Chablis. Upon the death of the Bishop of Geneva, Father Francis was named his successor. He continued to work to reeducate people about the Catholic faith and authored The Introduction to the Devout Life, a practical guide for Catholics to give up old sinful habits and bring them in closer union with God. The guide is still used in spiritual direction and read by those who want to

teach Scripture, his parishioners didn’t want him to go. John was a great friend of the poor, often distributing his own food, materials, and money to them. So humble was he that, when traveling on pilgrimage to Rome, he walked all the way, carrying his few possessions on his back. He died at the age of 83. A religious community founded in Chicago, the St. John Cantius Society, is named after him. This society is devoted to the restoration of the Latin liturgy, and its members celebrate the

mistake, you need to see her place in creation, not just chronologically but, more important, her spiritual place in salvation history. Eve is created by God and in the image and likeness of God. She has the same free will and rational intellect as her mate, Adam, the first man. They are united into one flesh before they break God’s law. Her importance to the human race is partially her sin but also the good she still possesses even after the fall. Paul claims in one of his New Testament

failed? Should he have even tried? Well, look at it this way: For a long time, nothing was said about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Then doctors and the surgeon general began telling everyone that smoking can cause cancer. Despite the amount of information and the scope to which it has been disseminated, there are still those who choose not to believe or to just ignore the warnings. Likewise, despite the global access John Paul II had, the 26 years he had it, and the wonderful manner he had

accused clergy and impose sentencing. Pope St. Agapetus I Pontificate: A.D. 535–A.D. 536 Feast day: April 22 Agapetus was an archdeacon and somewhat elderly when chosen to be pope. He was a cultured and well-learned man who owned a vast library and who hoped to establish a university in Rome with the books he collected. Although unsuccessful, the pope traveled from Rome to Constantinople to meet with Emperor Justinian in an effort to dissuade him from invading Italy. He died in Constantinople.

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