Canadians at Table: Food, Fellowship, and Folklore: A Culinary History of Canada

Canadians at Table: Food, Fellowship, and Folklore: A Culinary History of Canada

Dorothy Duncan

Language: English

Pages: 175

ISBN: 1459700384

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Canadians at Table is an introduction to the diverse culinary history of Canada.We learn about the lessons of survival of the First Nations, the foods that fuelled the fur traders, and the adaptability of the early settlers in their new environment. As communities developed and transportation improved, waves of newcomers arrived, bringing their memories of foods, beverages, and traditions they had known, which were almost impossible to implement in their new homeland.They learned instead to use native plants for many of their needs. Community events and institutions developed to serve religious, social, and economic needs — from agricultural and temperance societies to Women's Institutes, from markets and fairs to community meals and celebrations.

One New World food, pemmican — a light, durable, and highly nourishing blend of dried and powdered buffalo, elk, or deer meat that is mixed with dried berries, packed into a leather bag, then sealed with grease — was introduced by the First Nations to the fur traders coming to Canada. Small amounts of pemmican replaced large amounts of regular food, freeing up precious hunting and food preparation time and allowing more space to carry additional furs and trade goods.

From the self-sufficient First Nations and early settlers to the convenience foods of today, Canadians at Table gives us an overview of one of the most unique and fascinating food histories in the world and how it continues to change to serve Canadians from coast to coast.















which thrive extremely well; the farmers, in general, have good stocks of black cattle, sheep, hogs and horses: the sheep, for the most part, produce double, and scarcely a disease is ever known amongst them.[10] Meanwhile, in 1783 in Quebec, Governor Haldimand was prompted by the flood of refugee Loyalists to send surveyors west to lay out townships for settlement along the St. Lawrence River and later west of the Niagara River in what was to become the new province of Upper Canada. The wife

By the end of January, 1907, I was convinced that I was healthier on the Stone Age regimen than I had ever before been on any diet or in any way of life…. I was looking forward to every meal.[13] The Victorian period lives on in the memories of many Canadians as a time of prosperity, opulence, and gracious living. While that may have been true for some families, many others were still very much the pioneers, struggling to survive and prosper, to improve their everyday lives and the quality and

painted by William Kurelek in 1964, highlights the famous cooking, baking, and hospitality, both at home and at community events, in western Canada. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa Meanwhile, the chuckwagon cooks became famous. They were attempting to provide three hearty meals a day — often from one large pot — for the cowboys working on the trail or on the wide-open range. The chuckwagon cook was boss of the wagon and the space around it. There were unwritten rules regarding manners and

no meat, butter, eggs or shortening for baking and no fat for beans. It may mean porridge and milk, and whatever fruits etc. are available. Under the restricted diet, it is natural that the men will not be in condition to do a day’s work, as they could do if given full meals. They will not fare better in case they decide to quit work and go home, because the meat shortage will also exist at their homes. The men in the camps should be advised of the impending situation instead of letting them

because of its connections with witchcraft and the occult. Today many communities organize a party for the children and young people to discourage door-to-door solicitation because of concerns about its pagan overtones or about the safety of the children and the contents of the treats they might be given. Most of us, however, will continue to gear up for the annual visitation and prepare treats that carry with them much of the symbolism of this centuries-old celebration. The Festival of Lights,

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