Busted! - The Sensational True-Life Story of an Undercover Hippie Cop

Busted! - The Sensational True-Life Story of an Undercover Hippie Cop

Martyn Pritchard, Ed Laxton

Language: English

Pages: 169

ISBN: 2:00287265

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The true life story of Martyn Pritchard who worked as an undercover cop busting hippies for drug offences in the 1970's. His work sparked Operation JULIE which led to the discovery of the largest clandestine LSD lab in the world.

















don’t excuse my colleagues for what happened that year. In too many incidents they went over the top. But there was a breakdown in law and order, and the police can’t stand back and watch it all happen. Aggro between the hippies and the fuzz was nothing new. We should have been able to take the heat out of the situation, but we didn’t. And the overall operation in Windsor was, to my mind, a disaster. There was even aggro with the hot dog men. All the hamburger and ice cream vans and stalls

drink. All through the weekend we went without, except for a couple of pints brought outside to us in a pub car-park by one of the C.I.D. lads. None of the pubs in Windsor would serve you or let you through the door, not if you looked like us. We heard that some of the lads were up at the sergeants’ mess in Windermere Barracks at Windsor, ,where a lot of the D.S. who weren’t undercover like us had been staying for the past five days. So we headed up there. I must admit we did look scruffy.

this: if I got out of a car or walked away from a house smoking a cigarette, the drugs were inside and they could go in on the bust. The Count’s all laughter and chat when I get inside his pad, and thirty seconds later, there’s a knock. Whoever it is I’m meeting has clearly been waiting outside observing my arrival. That’s not unusual. ‘Joe, meet John and Chris.’ We shake hands and flop down in the Count’s lounge. Sue is in another room and there’s some music on the stereo. Thanks to

for home consumption was sent to Wales first, and then along a number of channels. EXPORT: Richard Burden who ran a London restaurant called ‘The Last Resort; collected large consignments of acid tabs — from fifty to eighty thousand a time — from stash points in Berkshire and Hampshire woodlands These were literally holes in the ground. He delivered them to a man — still unknown to the police - he called ‘Vince’ or ‘Dave. They met by arrangement in Amsterdam bars. The tabs were then despatched

This was to fool police and the ‘acid heads,’ for some preferred blue to green or orange. But they were all the same. He got… ten years. Dr Christine Bott, 32, who liked to breed goats and live off the land, lovingly tending her kitchen garden and breaking off to help Kemp make the acid tablets in Wales - nine years. Alston ‘Smiles’ Hughes, 30, friend and assistant of Spenceley, with a liking for champagne to which he occasionally treated his neighbours in Wales in their local - eight years.

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