Buffalo Cake and Indian Pudding (Penguin Great Food)

Buffalo Cake and Indian Pudding (Penguin Great Food)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0241956331

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Travelling physician, salesman, author and self-made man, Dr. Chase dispensed remedies all over America during the late nineteenth century, collecting recipes and domestic tips from the people he met along the way. His self-published books became celebrated bestsellers and were the household Bibles of their day. Containing recipes for American treats such as Boston cream cakes, Kentucky Corn Dodgers and pumpkin pie, as well as genial advice on baking bread and testing whether a cake is cooked, this is a treasure trove of culinary wisdom from the homesteads of a still rural, pioneering United States.















not been absorbed or used up in heating the plate or tin – in other words, see that the bottom of the oven is kept as hot as it ought to be, and you have no soggy or under-done crusts. Pies, not to be eaten the day they are baked, should be baked harder than those for immediate use, to prevent the absorption of the juice of the pie or dampness from the air. Minced Pies, No. 1 – Boil a fresh beef’s tongue (or very nice tender beef in equal amount, about 3 lbs), remove the skin and roots (any

chicken in white or brown sauce. To Roast – Stuff with a dressing made of bread-crumbs, chopped salt pork, thyme, onion, and pepper and salt, sew up, rub over with a little butter, or pin on it a few slices of salt pork, and a little water in the pan, and baste often. Serve with mashed potatoes and currant jelly. Oyster Pie – Small oysters, 1½ qts.; cracker crumbs, 1 cup; salt and pepper to suit. DIRECTIONS – Drain the oysters in a colander, and throw away the juice, unless you wish to cook it,

experience: ‘Flour, 1 cup; sugar, 1 cup; baking powder, 1 heaping tea-spoonful; cold water, 3 table-spoonfuls; flavor with lemon or vanilla. DIRECTIONS – Beat the whites and yolks separately, and add the water the last thing before baking. Butter Sponge Cake – Butter, 1 cup; sugar, 2 cups; flour, 1½ cups; 6 eggs; cream of tartar, 1 tea-spoonful; soda, ½ tea-spoonful. DIRECTIONS – No special directions given, except to dissolve the soda in a table-spoonful of the milk, and mix the cream of tartar

cabin on account of the green seas that swept over the ship. The old man, after a bit, came down, and says he, ‘Where’s the puddin’?’ The steward he come in just then as pale as a ghost, and says he showing an empty dish: ‘Washed overboard, sir.’ It ain’t necessary to repeat what that there captain said. Kind of how it looked as if the old man had wanted to give himself some heart with that pudding, and now there wasn’t none. I disremember whether it wasn’t a passenger as said ‘that, providing we

with uvaursi and eupatoriaum purpuseum (queen of the meadow). DOSE – of the powder 30 to 60 grs.; of the decoction (tea), 2 to 4 ozs, 3 or 4 times a day. There are several species, or kinds, of it, any of which may be used medicinally as a substitute for other kinds.] Put that in – if you have it – not a big piece, and slice it thin. You can’t do well without half an ounce of candied citron. Now mix all this up together, adding the milk last in which you put half a glass of brandy. Take a piece

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