Black Widow - A Thriller (Jon Stanton Mysteries Book 7)

Black Widow - A Thriller (Jon Stanton Mysteries Book 7)

Victor Methos

Language: English

Pages: 308


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


Two men are found killed one month apart in luxurious Honolulu hotels. The Honolulu Police Department finds the cases unsolvable. With no discernible motive, and a brutality no one on the force has ever seen, the killings appear to be the work of an intensely deranged mind. A mind the police feel is one step ahead of their investigation.


Having thought he left police work behind, famed homicide detective Jon Stanton is nonetheless thrown back into the Black Widow Murders. The killings are vicious, efficient, and designed to impose maximum pain before death. Stanton knows whoever committed these crimes has nothing inside them that is human any longer, putting everyone in Honolulu at risk.


The Black Widow is ruthless and clever in a way Stanton has never dealt with before. He understands that the Black Widow is smarter than he is, and willing to go to extremes he is not. And they've chosen the next victim.

With the victim's life in the balance, Stanton must race to stop a killer that has shown themself unstoppable. And he must risk his sanity and his life to do it.


Victor Methos is the author of over forty books, including The White Angel Murder and Superhero, both Kindle Top 100 smash hits. He is a former prosecutor specializing in violent crime, and is currently a criminal defense attorney in the midwest. His books have sold over a million copies worldwide.













takin’ that chance when we can take her down clean. No one’s gonna hurt her, don’t worry so much.” Stanton thought a moment. “She’s fragile. Detectives sticking a gun in her face and tackling her would be emotionally devastating to an introverted personality like hers. We’re talking about post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety—” “Bullshit,” Kai said in the same tone Stanton had taken. He chuckled. “She gonna be fine, Jon. Relax. You don’t wanna be there tomorrow, don’t come. We got three

“Calm down, no one cares that we released that name.” “These two men had families. Children. I bet they care about everything they hear about this.” She shrugged. “It’s news, Connor. You can’t stop that.” He leaned back and put his feet on the footstool he had under his desk. “Something you needed?” “Captain said he wants to talk to you.” “’Bout what?” “How do I know?” Jones watched her walk away. Once you had the level of seniority in the PD that Bella had, you didn’t have any fear of

June third.” She nodded. “I worked all day on those days.” “You know what days of the week they are, off the top of your head?” “I only have Sundays off. Most murders don’t happen on Sundays.” “Why do you say that?” She shrugged and took another sip of coffee before picking up a sugar packet. “I don’t know,” she said, tearing open the packet and pouring the contents into the black liquid. “Just something I’ve always felt. I was a pediatric trauma surgeon in Los Angeles for a while. The

that’s all right with you.” “More than all right. Let’s go.” Stanton recited the key phrase in his head before saying it out loud. “You like magic?” “Magic?” she said, as they rose. “Yeah, you know, magicians?” “I guess. Why?” “I know a place that has a great magic show,” he lied. “Why not? Not the worst way to spend a date.” 42 Suzanne sat on the patio as the boys played video games inside. She’d allowed one of Johnny’s friends to come over. Mathew was inside talking on the

peaceful. Her life slowly leaking out of her. A strong urge to sleep came over her and she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore. She glanced down at her phone and the image of her son she had as a screen saver. Blood trickled across it, smearing him from view. 50 The computer flashed on. A media player was open. Heidi’s face was on it, frozen and staring at him. He pressed the PLAY button. “Hi Jon, so glad you could make it. I am glad, as are your boys, that you didn’t get the police

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