Biology: A Guide to the Natural World (5th Edition)

Biology: A Guide to the Natural World (5th Edition)

David Krogh

Language: English

Pages: 816

ISBN: 0321946766

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

David Krogh’s Biology: A Guide to the Natural World leads readers on a memorable journey through the world of biology, using relevant examples, clearly-developed illustrations, and helpful insights that resonate with today’s students. 

Widely-recognized as a book that students enjoy reading, the Fifth Edition  has been thoroughly updated with new discussions on social concerns and health applications, along with streamlined chapter summaries and expanded review questions.











to transfer electrons from one molecule to another in ATP formation are known as electron carriers. The thing that makes their role a little complicated is that many of the electrons they accept are bound up originally in hydrogen atoms. You may remember from Chapter 3 that a hydrogen atom amounts to one proton and one electron. In transferring a hydrogen atom, then, a molecule is transferring a single electron (bound to a proton), which means a redox reaction has taken place. Figure 7.2 An

means of combating the critical societal issue of global warming. How are the two things related? Remember that global warming s root cause is a buildup of so-called greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, with the most important of these gases being carbon dioxide (CO2). Now recall that plants and other photosynthesizing organisms take CO2 out of the atmosphere and use it to build themselves up. Not all of the carbon they take in serves this function; indeed, much of the carbon they capture will

Evolution Affects Human Perspectives Regarding Life 283 283 284 284 16.2 Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution Darwin s Contribution Darwin s Journey of Discovery 285 285 285 16.3 Evolutionary Thinking before Darwin Charles Lyell and Geology Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck and Evolution Georges Cuvier and Extinction 286 286 287 287 16.4 Darwin s Insights Following the Beagle s Voyage Perceiving Common Descent with Modi cation Perceiving Natural Selection 287 288 288 Alfred Russel Wallace

Science as a Way of Learning: A Guide to the Natural World THE PROCESS OF SCIENCE How Science and Business Take On Cancer A t one time, getting a diagnosis for the form of cancer known as chronic myeloid leukemia, or CML, was tantamount to receiving a death sentence, because up through the late 1990s this disease of white blood cells was inevitably fatal. On average, three to ve years elapsed between the date patients were diagnosed with CML and the date they died from it. Today, however, 85

ribosomes is called the smooth endoplasmic reticulum or smooth ER. It s smooth because it is not peppered with ribosomes, and this very quality means it is not a site of protein synthesis. Instead, the smooth endoplasmic reticulum is a network of membranes that is the site of the synthesis of various lipids and a site at which potentially harmful substances are detoxified within the cell. The tasks the smooth ER undertakes, however, will vary in accordance with cell type. The lipids we normally

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