Badger's Moon (Sister Fidelma)

Badger's Moon (Sister Fidelma)

Peter Tremayne

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0755302249

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A series of horrific murders has brought terror to the Kingdom of Muman. The victims, all young girls, were slaughtered with unspeakable violence on the nights of three consecutive full moons. Suspicion falls on three dark strangers from the distant land of Aksum (Ethiopia), who are guests at the Abbey of Finbarr. A panic-stricken mob attacks the abbey, leaving the religious in fear for their lives. Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadulf are called in to restore order and find the killer, but it soon becomes clear that the three mysterious strangers are hiding a dark secret. And what about the ageing Laig, a hermit-like apothecary, who is known to have instructed all three victims about the magic and power of the moon; what sinister truths are hidden in his dark woodland dwelling? As Fidelma struggles to repair her faltering relationship with Eadulf, can she uncover the truth before the killer strikes again on the next night of the full moon?















explain.’ Her voice was quiet but commanding. When the murmuring of the crowd in the hall died away, Fidelma began. ‘It is true that Gabrán and Beccnat were going to get married. But it is also true, exactly as Lesren claimed, that Beccnat had changed her mind.’ Fidelma turned to where Lesren’s widow Bébháil was sitting next to Tómma, her head hung low. ‘Now that Lesren is no longer a threat to you, Bébháil, perhaps you will tell us the truth of what happened?’ The woman raised her head

of.’ He smiled when he saw Fidelma look surprised. ‘It is true that we are a poor community. No more than twenty of us at this house. But we have saved many wand-books and manuscripts which is our wealth and our claim to respect among the larger houses.’ ‘So these visitors are strangers from beyond the seas?’ Abbot Brogán smiled broadly. ‘That you will see for yourselves.’ Just then Brother Solam entered again and stood aside, holding the door open. ‘The three guests are here, lord abbot,’ he

upon us, Fidelma of Cashel. Therein is the reason.’ ‘Explain.’ ‘I would have thought no explanation was needed to one of your intelligence. Are we not physically different from you and your people?’ ‘I cannot deny that. But, being so, why would that make you suspect?’ ‘Come, diplomacy is not needed. Dogs bark at people they do not know.’ Fidelma responded with a smile. ‘So, you say that you are accused because it is obvious that you are strangers?’ Brother Dangila held out an arm and pushed

whereabouts last night?’ ‘They each swear that they did not stir from the abbey and, in this matter, I do not know what to do. Should I tell them to be gone from the sanctuary of the abbey? That I can no longer give them protection and hospitality?’ Becc shook his head quickly. ‘If they are not guilty that would be an injustice and we would be guilty of a great crime for violating the law of hospitality. If they are guilty, then, equally, it would be wrong, for we would have dispersed them into

with a frown of irritation. Her book was one of the small satchel books, called a tiag liubhair, intended to be carried easily on pilgrimages and missions to far-off countries. She liked to read beside the fire and such small books could be held in the hand and were ideal for the purpose. ‘Hush! You’ll wake Alchú,’ she said reprovingly. ‘He’s only just gone to sleep.’ Eadulf’s scowl deepened as he crossed the room to the fire. ‘Is something wrong?’ enquired Fidlema, suppressing a sudden yawn

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