Bad Girls Need Love Too: Pleasure Yourself with Pulp Fiction

Bad Girls Need Love Too: Pleasure Yourself with Pulp Fiction

Gary Lovisi

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1440213577

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Lust for Life
Anxious to undress, these dangerous dolls ply their womanly wares to get whatever they want: men, power and sex - lots of sex. Yet to quench their fiery desires they crave more, much more. See, even sultry sinners long for love.Bad Girls Need Love Too is a frolicking celebration of pulp fiction floozies doomed to keep looking for love in all the wrong places. Thankfully, repeating the same mistake over and over again has never been more fun, or outrageous.For more about these hard-boiled vixens, visit



















follow their natural instincts, it gave you things to wonder about. But you learned fast in a motel. Like from the guy who had enlightened her one day in his cabin at the motel. He'd asked her point blank in so many words for what he wanted, and pushed a ten dollar bill into her shirt pocket at the same time. Motel Girl by Paul Daniels; Bedside Book #BB970, 1960. Cover art by John Duillo. Hungry For Men! by Lou Fisher; Novel Book #5068, 1961. Showroom Girls by Token West; Berkley Book

Katrina Newby Edited by Kristine Manty Cover image from the book, Lingerie Ltd., by Ralph Dean, Beacon Book #B300, 1960; art by R. Gifford. Printed in China Contents Good Girls Go to Heaven; Bad girls Go Everywhere Good Girls Go to Heaven; Bad girls Go Everywhere Wild For Kicks by John Nemec; Novel Book #5062, 1961. This is a celebration of bad girls. The really, really bad girls mothers warn their sons to stay away from, and pray their daughters will never become. It's a good thing not

by Orrie Hitt; Beacon Book #B250. Jet Set Switch by John Dexter; Idle Hour Book #IH-502, 1966. Susan lent a helping hand and began to play with Rocky's breasts, all the while flying higher on Bart's inspired flesh. Then everyone was very comfortable and very cozy at play, except that this was an adult game. A sensual game, a game of breasts and thighs and rubbing hands, a game of mouths and tongues, a game of vibrating flesh and palpitating bellies… Any Man's Playmate by James L. Rubel;

affections for one of the young secretaries, pert and adorable Doris. Lingerie Ltd. by Ralph Dean; Beacon Book #B300, 1960. Cover art by R. Gifford. The Bed at the Top by Charles Beck; Beacon Book #B477F, 1962. Dance-Hall Dyke by Toni Adler; Playtime Book #699-S, 1964. Cover art by Robert Bonfils. As Alicia bent to take a glass from the cabinet, Kim grasped her shoulders and jerked her up, abruptly. Then Kim's mouth was on her lips. Alicia's mind exploded in shock and bewilderment.

Heart by Norman Bligh; Ecstasy Novel, 1950. Cover art by Jean Claude Rodewald. The Lady is a Lush by Orrie Hitt; Beacon Book #B342; 1960. She-Devil by Harry Hervey; Pyramid Book #G301, 1957. “Break him!” she screamed. Two burly guards pushed him against the wall, pinning him there. Each time she gave the order, they struck him. He wanted to cry out. He prayed that he might faint. But beyond them he could see her — the woman who had shared his bed only nights before, her eyes gleaming now

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