An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

David Gough

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1849201811

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An Introduction to Systematic Reviews provides a short, accessible and technically up-to-date book covering the full breadth of approaches to reviews from statistical meta analysis to meta ethnography. The content is divided into five main sections covering: approaches to reviewing; getting started; gathering and describing research; appraising and synthesizing data; and making use of reviews and models of research use. As systematic reviews become included in many more graduate-level courses this book answers the growing demand for a user-friendly guide.













the central rationale of research as being the promotion of human welfare in the real social world; and one that requires knowledge to be cumulative – we should undertake research in such a way that what we know is capable of being updated as circumstances, time and contexts change, and as new studies are done. An Introduction to Systematic Reviews is a team effort. Its 12 authors work together at the Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and co-ordinating Centre, which is based in the

introduction to SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS Easy to read and logically structured, this book is essential reading for anyone doing systematic reviews. SANDY OLIVER is Professor of Public Policy and Deputy Director of SSRU and its EPPI-Centre. Reader in Social Policy, Assistant Director of SSRU and Associate Director of the EPPI-Centre. THOMAS JAMES THOMAS is OLIVER its EPPI-Centre and Co-Editor of the journal Evidence & Policy. GOUGH DAVID GOUGH is Professor of Evidence Informed Policy and

10:29:50 AM Getting started with a review 67 Aims of chapter This chapter addresses the first tasks of the review team. It helps reviewers: •• •• •• •• •• With the intellectual challenge of deciding what and/or who a review is about Choose appropriate review methods and the scale of the work Build a review team Consider the quality assurance of the review process and product Plan and manage the review Introduction The first step in any review is deciding what the review is about. Some

date was considered to be a key turning point not only for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, but also for how men viewed HIV/AIDS as a treatable condition and consequently colouring their attitudes towards sexual health promotion. Making searching more manageable by only including reports published in English is a common but more risky strategy, as it allows ‘publication bias’ to creep in and reduces external generalisability. Publication bias Empirical research has shown that statistically significant

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