Aftershock: A Thriller

Aftershock: A Thriller

Andrew Vachss

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0307950883

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


Dell, an ex-Legionnaire was working as a mercenary when he first saw Dolly, a nurse with Médecins Sans Frontières. When they later married, Dell abandoned his work, and Dolly shed her identity. But not her calling—she became a teacher, confidant, and defender of dozens of teenagers in their Coastal Oregon village. When the star softball pitcher guns down a popular boy on the last day of school, Dolly knows this is no "school shooting". She goes all-in to protect "Mighty Mary" McCoy, even to the extent of unleashing her lethal husband.

As Dolly uses her contacts to gain access to medical secrets, Dell returns to his no-boundaries past. Using guile, extortion, shadow networks--and, finally, an act of terrorism—he uncovers the secret MaryLou was willing to sacrifice her own life to protect . . . a soul-killing rite of passage demanded of the town’s most vulnerable girls, with her baby sister next on that list.















defendant did know right from wrong?” “Those concepts would not have been in her mind at the time of … the event.” “Because she was out of her mind?” “No,” Debbie said, with just a little exasperation in her tone. “That, again, is not what I said. MaryLou wasn’t what you seem to be implying. That is, ‘crazy’ in some way. She knew what she was doing. What you fail to understand is that, in her mind, she was doing the right thing. Not only to protect her little sister, but to regain her own

wearing. She stood up and hugged Dolly. Her pale eyes were clear and peaceful. I’d seen that look before, right after a firefight. La mission est sacrée. Whatever she’d wanted to do in that school, it was already done. “Oh, sweetie, what happened?” I shook my head as I pressed a thumb inside Dolly’s hand. “Don’t say anything about this case,” I told MaryLou. “Not to us, not to anybody.” She turned her head a few degrees. Made sure Dolly agreed with what I’d said. Then she nodded an okay at

asked that question so many times that answering it again would bore you. But I haven’t heard the answer myself, so, if you wouldn’t mind …” With a world-weary sigh, Danielle went through her story again. Practically word for word—it was the only script she’d had to study, and she had it down pat. So, when T.D. said, “It’s somewhat unusual for an older sister to be jealous of a younger one,” Danielle was ready. “I’ll bet you never met old Mighty Mary.” “I’ve not spoken with your sister yet,”

you’re some kind of geologist, drilling a sample core out of this whole town? You’re not. You deal with the girls who come to you. Just those, not more. Your sample wasn’t representative, it selected itself. You think any girl could have told you about these salopards dégénérés without you doing something about it? You think they don’t all know that?” “But—” “Shut up,” I said, pinching her bottom hard. It didn’t make her giggle, but it did shut her up. “Be proud of your reputation, Dolly. Not

get the answer Swift thought he’d already given me. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is that rare kind of case where you look at each other and ask, ‘Why would they even bother with a trial?’ You will hear from the best witness ever devised—the actual crime captured on videotape. You will actually see the defendant shoot and kill one victim, and wound two others. You will see the defendant take out a pistol and execute the victim. Kill him in cold blood, with no more emotion than you

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