Advertising: A Very Short Introduction

Advertising: A Very Short Introduction

Winston Fletcher

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0199568928

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

John Wanamaker famously observed that "half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half." Indeed, though advertising is pervasive in our society, how it works (if and when it works) is not a question most of us can answer. In this Very Short Introduction, Winston Fletcher, a seasoned advertising veteran with extensive inside knowledge, offers an illuminating look at this billion-dollar business, dispelling some of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding the industry. Fletcher offers a short history of advertising and explains how the industry works and how each of the parties--the advertisers, the media, and the agencies--contribute to the process. He also looks at the financial side of advertising and asks how today's Wanamakers know if they have been successful, or whether their money has in fact been wasted. The book concludes with a discussion of controversial and unacceptable areas of advertising, such as advertising aimed at children and the promotion of products such as cigarettes and alcohol.















its 12% share of total expenditure, direct mail is currently the fourth largest advertising medium in the UK. (It is a much larger advertising medium in the USA, mainly because of the dearth of strong national daily newspapers there. The mail is an inexpensive means of distributing advertising messages throughout the vast terrain.) Before the arrival of the Internet, direct mail was the sole means of identifying individuals personally, and usually by name – and it remains a most effective

local (rather than national) advertisers. Throughout history, posters have given designers and writers the opportunity to be wonderfully creative, and many of the campaigns which people remember for years start life on the hoardings. But since the arrival of commercial television over 50 years ago, outdoor advertising has come to be seen, unfairly, as a ‘support’ medium, a reminder medium, and is now only occasionally used as the principal medium for a major new campaign or product. 61 The

agency throughout the world. Even if the advertisements must vary by country, for the client there is a great benefit in having a single agency that can coordinate its advertising everywhere. Consequently, all the largest agencies have structured themselves to handle international clients. They appoint global client service directors (whatever their exact title), who are responsible for the way the agency services the clients across the world. Global client 81 The creative agencies: creating new

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is the new affliction with which all who wear footwear are threatened’ – safely cured, one is relieved to hear, by ‘O’Brien’s Patent Watertight Waist Foothold Golosh’. Nor were our American cousins to be outdone. In New York, a Dr Scott invented an extensive range of ‘electric’ products utilizing the almost magical power of the then recently discovered electricity. One was an ‘Electric Cigarette’. Another was ‘Dr. Scott’s Electric Plaster – A NEW INVENTION – electrically cured Colds, Coughs and

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