Adbusters, Issue 105: The Big Ideas of 2013

Adbusters, Issue 105: The Big Ideas of 2013

Language: English

Pages: 92

ISBN: 2:00317562

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AB105: The Big Ideas of 2013
(January/February 2013)

Featured in this issue:

Bionomics > Economics
Stephen Collis on innovation and disaster
Scott Atran on the Birth of Hamas
Darren Fleet on financial algorithms gone wild
Franco “Bifo” Berardi on imagination
Gareth Peirce on why we torture
Pankaj Mishra on the CIA in Iran
Binyavanga Wainaina on Saving the Children of Africa
Welcoming in the Year of the Snake




















protect a Hudson Bay Company storefront during a drunken hockey riot in 2011. Not to demean his courage – which came from a true place – but the chivalry was notably misplaced: protecting a company that usurped millions of acres of native land and was the primary tool of imperial expansion in early Canada. Canadians across the country scorned his attackers and praised his valor, but few recognized the cultural shift at the riot’s core. In Dallaire’s time, channeling heroic impulse was our foreign

about content (from the private and the public to the common) but also about form. How can people associate closely together in the common and participate directly in democratic decision-making? How can the multitude become prince of the institutions of the common in a way that reinvents and realizes democracy? This is the task of a constituent process. When financial debts have been transformed into social bonds, when singularities interact in productive networks, and when the desire for

believe it would foster free, equal, and democratic social and political relations. Political organization always requires the production of subjectivities. We must create a multitude capable of democratic political action and the self-management of the common. An example can help clarify one aspect of this proposition. When the Spanish indignados, who had occupied the squares in the spring of 2011, refused to participate in the fall 2011 national elections, they were strongly criticized. Their

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financial pyrotechnics of neoclassical economics won’t save us this time around. These escalating externalities are the X-factor that will trigger a global crash bigger, longer and more traumatic than anything we’ve ever seen before. To avert catastrophe, we need a new language of the liquidity of fresh water, the leverage of rising seas, the stimulus of intact forests, the stability of global temperatures… hey, ask your professors to explain why the BP oil spill made the GDP go up and how they

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