Absolute Beginners (Allison & Busby Classics)

Absolute Beginners (Allison & Busby Classics)

Colin MacInnes

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0749009985

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

London, 1958. Smoky jazz clubs, coffee bars and hip hang-outs. The young and the restless were creating a world as different as they dared from England's green and pleasant land. Follow our young photographer as he records a young teenager's life in the capital - sex, drugs and rock'n'roll; the era of the first race riots and the lead up to the swinging sixties. A twentieth-century cult classic, Absolute Beginners paints a vivid picture of a changing society with insight and sensitivity.



















doesn’t very often reach the point of no return. But in this kingdom we reside in, the firm belief of the venerables seems to be that, if you see kids out and about enjoying themselves, then fleshy vices must be at the bottom of it all, somewhere, not just as it often is – frisking and frolicking, and having a carefree ball. So as this wasn’t the ex-Deb’s business, anyway, I changed the subject round and said to her, ‘Where will you take your holiday this year, Miss Sheba?’ ‘Who, me? Oh, I

was quite okay, and the kids certainly enjoyed her, but I must say I do think it’s a mistake for young white English girls to try to give an exact imitation of Lady Day, since the best possible imitation that’s conceivable would come about two million miles from what Billie H., at her best, can do to you, which is turn you completely over, so that you can’t bear to hear any other singers, at any rate for an hour or so after. However, from Big Jill’s point of view, I could quite see the situation,

of clean, white, frilly linen sticking out at various neat and vital points, and a big, slightly wrinkled brow, and a too-powdered face and thin lips and lots of schoolteacher’s calm, and a really dreadful smile, who evidently intended to straighten things out, and put us all at ease, and somebody said, just as you might say here was Lady Godiva, that this was Miss Cynthia Eve, C.B.E. And while Cynthia Eve spread calm about, giving everyone nervous breakdowns, I had a natter with the Hoplite on

explode his powder magazine, and keel-haul him before making him walk the plank. But all the time that Fabulous had been speaking, the old boy had been jerking his bald head like a bobbin, and punching himself on both his knees, and when he spoke up, it seemed he couldn’t have agreed more with all that Fabulous had said. He told us the navy wasn’t what it used to be, by God, no! In his day, it seemed, you ate salt fish for breakfast, and shaved in Nelson’s blood. What the fleet needed badly, he

in Napoli, could happen once again. That once you’d done some people, or group, or race a wicked injury, especially if they were weak, you’d come back and do it again, because that was how it was, and with people, too. And he said, but didn’t I realise these things could happen anywhere? I answered to this, I didn’t mind so much its happening. But what I did mind is, that ever since Nottingham, more than a week ago, nobody had reacted strongly: so far as the government and top cats who control

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