A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings

A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings

John Cage

Language: English

Pages: 179

ISBN: 0819560022

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Includes lectures, essays, diaries and other writings, including "How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)" and "Juilliard Lecture."


















other, given my life to live over again, be a botanist rather than a musician. He said, "That shows how little you know about botany." Later in the conversation I happened to mention the name of a mycologist connected with another Midwestern university. Incisively, Smith said, "Don't mention that man's name in my house." When Colin McPhee found out that I was interested in mushrooms, he said, "If you find the morel next spring, call me up, even if you only find one. I'll drop everything, come

bring about, that is, the world as we begin to know and experience it. Having this view, I felt obliged to keep a worshipful distance, though I had met him in the early 'forties, and in the late 'forties had written music for his sequence in Hans Richter's film Dreams that Money Can Buy. When I was in Japan in 1962 Yoshiaki Tono asked me to write a text for the September 1963 issue of Mizue, a monthly review of the fine arts, which was to include the second part of an introduction to the method

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struggling to keep it going. 156 157 ! They are Disciplines that require exercise. Lunch i n C h i c a g o : equipped with transmission means She asked me whether it was true that art no longer interested me. enabling people to vote on whether or not a I said I proposed step or steps should be taken. thought w e ' d done it (opened our eyes, our e a r s ) . society. D e n i a l of what one's believed i n . What's urgent is Amplification of the sound of feet, Not fixing it but

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