A Pedagogy for Liberation: Dialogues on Transforming Education

A Pedagogy for Liberation: Dialogues on Transforming Education

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saved me. By reading them in my early 20s I was saved. Jose Lins do Rego and Graciliano Ramos are two of these writers; Jorge Amado; Gilberta Freyre, the great sociologist and anthropologist who writes so well was another important influence on me. But these writers were not preoccupied in following grammar! What they searched for in their writings was an aesthetic moment. I read them a lot. And in this way they also recreated me as a young teacher of grammar, because of the aesthetic creativity

from gaining critical awareness, from 'reading' critically their reality, from grasping the raison d'etre of the facts they discover. To make reality opaque means to lead people to say that A is B, and B is N, to say that reality is a fixed commodity only to be described instead of recognizing that each moment is made in history and can be changed in an historical process. An example of an obscuring myth is that unemployment in the U.S.is caused by 'illegal aliens' who take jobs away from native

with this because my task here is to teach Hegel. If they are not able to understand Hegel, this is their problem, not mine." I don't see things like they do. First, because I don't believe that the students come to me at the university without knowing that they are responsible for a certain kind of reading and writing. They are responsible for knowing that but there are reasons why this is not yet inside the level of responsibility of the youth, which explains this 84 A Pedagogy for Liberation

freedom and happiness and about the rest of the W(trld, which also you hear every day. "The American Way of Life" for example, is a political idea often presented as the only good one for the world. Another myth is that the special mission of America is to teach the whole world how to be free. I know that there are good aspects of life here and also good dimensions of American democracy. But, when such myths become global crusades, then they are instruments for manipulation. I think maybe people

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