A Measure of Blood: A Richard Christie Novel

A Measure of Blood: A Richard Christie Novel

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 1480445606

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A murder sends a child into foster care and drags a detective into a feverish hunt for justice
Nadal watches for weeks before he first approaches the boy. No matter what Maggie Brown says, he’s sure Matt is his son, and a boy should know his father. After their first confrontation, Maggie should have run. She should have hidden her child. But she underestimated the man who was once her lover. With self-righteous determination, Nadal goes to her house. He demands to spend time with the boy. When she refuses, he reaches for a knife.
By the time homicide detective Richard Christie arrives on the scene, all that remains of Maggie Brown is a bloodstain on the floor. The killer has vanished, and Matt is too scared to remember anything but his mother’s fear. As Christie looks for the killer and Maggie’s friends fight to keep Matt out of the hands of Child Services, Nadal watches the news and waits. A boy should be with his father. He’s going to get his son.




















want to do this—let the photographers in?” “No photographers yet. Would you make a careful statement for me—you know the ‘we are still determining what happened but the boy is safe’ kind of statement.” “Fine.” Bolden goes out as his men usher Jan and Arthur in. They are flushed and ragged and in their ways beautiful—full of joy. They rush to Matt and hug him hard. Jan’s eyes are closed and she holds the boy tight while he looks surprised and a little bit pleased. Christie sighs

good at them.” “You must have quick eyes.” “Yeah.” “He amazes me,” Oopale says. Quick eyes. Quick ears. “I remembered something else. When my mother yelled at the man in the parking lot, she used a name.” The car pulls over to the curb and both detectives turn around to face the backseat. “It was something like Dol. Or Dal.” “Dol or Dal. Anything more?” “No.” “What did she say exactly?” “Something like, ‘What are you doing here, Dal?’ and he said, ‘I live here

college?” he asks. “Well, more or less. I finished freshman year a while back. Then I ran off and got married.” He tinkers for a while at the computer he got working, pretending to test various applications. When he looks up, she smiles at him. “So that’s romantic, to run away to get married.” She looks amused. “It was for a while. Then it went stale. Then it was over. And now I’m trying to make up for lost time.” She shakes her head at her predicament. “I’m going to stick out in

good for him. They know that. He gets tense. They all stop working for a second. She says, “Frantic, I think. He hasn’t called. Late yesterday afternoon he ran home and got books for the kid. Then he went out and bought him new pajamas with cartoon figures. And he’s got—guess who? Worst luck. Judge Gorcelik.” Judge Gorcelik already thinks Christie’s a bit odd, his having tried so hard to place the four Philips kids with Jan Gabriel and Arthur Morris. What will she make of him today?

Matt nods, biting his lip. Not speaking again. Even Nadal’s hands feel the tremors of his terror. He has made big decisions and now he has to make them right. With deliberation, he opens one cabinet after another, finds a bowl, washes it out, finds a spoon. He’s hungry, too, his stomach is growling, but he is too shaky to eat. He holds the cereal box with two hands and pours a full bowl, then adds milk. His boy is lean, not sloppy, and that’s good. “You burn it off,” he observes. “That’s a

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