A Handbook of Industrial Districts (Elgar Original Reference)

A Handbook of Industrial Districts (Elgar Original Reference)

Language: English

Pages: 904

ISBN: 1849800022

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this comprehensive original reference work, the editors have brought together an unrivalled group of distinguished scholars and practitioners to comment on the historical and contemporary role of industrial districts (IDs).

This Handbook is uniquely positioned to shed light on the role of global and local forces and how they increasingly interact to shape the welfare of societies and the economic performance of firms and places. It illustrates that IDs are a clear expression of local societies finding their 'place' in the national and international division of labor, and through the constitution and elaboration of productive specialisations congenial to the attitudes and the preferences of their people. Ultimately, the Handbook represents the main strands of a wide-ranging, decades-long debate on the nature of IDs: what they represented in the past, the changes they are currently undergoing, and the future challenges and opportunities they will face in an increasingly global economy.

Including conceptual, critical and forward-looking contributions, as well as case studies from Asia, Latin America, Europe and the US, this Handbook will prove an invaluable resource for academics, students and policymakers focusing on industrial districts, local production systems and innovation. It will also appeal to those interested in the local drivers of competitiveness and related public policies.

Contributors: P. Alessandrini, A. Bagnasco, G. Becattini, C.M. Belfanti, M. Bellandi, F. Belussi, G. Benko, M.H. Best, R. Bianchi, R. Boix, M. Carminati, G. Ceglie, A. Colli, F. Coltorti, P. Cooke, O. Crevoisier, M. Dardi, G. de Blasio, L. De Propris, G. Dei Ottati, M. Dunford, M. Fortis, R. Garcia, G. Garofoli, P. Giovannini, P. Groenewegen, A. Guenzi, N. Hart, D. Jacobson, B. Johannisson, L. Kebir, M. Kenney, C. Ketels, M. Landabaso, R.N. Langlois, L. Lazzeretti, B.J. Loasby, C. Maitte, L. Mei, S. Menghinello, E. Merlo, M. Mistri, F. Musotti, A. Natali, Y. Okamoto, M. Omiccioli, D. Parrilli, D. Patton, B. Pecqueur, M.J. Piore, A. Popp, M. Porter, A.C. Posthuma, F. Pyke, T. Raffaelli, P.L. Robertson, S. Rosenfeld, E. Rullani, M. Russo, C. Sabel, J. Saglio, A. Saxenian, W. Sengenberger, F. Sforzi, L.F. Signorini, G. Solinas, A. Stancher, M. Storper, P. Tani, G. Tattara, M. Tewari, C. Trigilia, J. Trullén, J. Wang, J. Whitford, J.F. Wilson, J.-A. Ybarra, A. Zazzaro











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