A Farewell to Baker Street

A Farewell to Baker Street

Mark Mower

Language: English

Pages: 172

ISBN: 1780928440

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There is always room in the world for more gripping tales about the exploits of the inimitable Sherlock Holmes and the redoubtable Dr Watson. Here is a collection of five previously unknown cases from the astonishing career of the consulting detective and his ever-loyal partner. An Affair of the Heart demonstrates the critical interplay between the two men which made their partnership so memorable and endearing. The Curious Matter of the Missing Pearmain is a classic locked-room mystery, while The Case of the Cuneiform Suicide Note sees Dr Watson using his expert knowledge in helping to solve the mystery surrounding the death of an academic. In A Study in Verse the pair assists the Birmingham City Police in a complicated case of robbery which leads them towards a new and dangerous adversary. And to complete the collection, we have The Trimingham Escapade, the very last case the pair enjoyed together, which neatly showcases the inestimable talents of Sherlock Holmes. All of these tales are designed to contribute in some small part to the lasting memory of two extraordinary men who once occupied that setting we have come to know and love as 221B Baker Street.












Title Page A FAREWELL TO BAKER STREET A Collection of Previously Unknown Cases from the Extraordinary Career of Mr Sherlock Holmes Mark Mower Publisher Information Published in the UK by MX Publishing 335 Princess Park Manor, Royal Drive, London, N11 3GX www.mxpublishing.co.uk Digital edition converted and distributed in 2015 by Andrews UK Limited www.andrewsuk.com � Copyright 2015 Mark Mower The right of Mark Mower to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him

you know that I could have been relied upon to be discreet. There was no need to act so furtively.” “I realise that now, but my primary concern was to ensure that Lestrade was not put off in coming to us with his case - he trusts and respects you as much as he does me. I need hardly tell you, that I would rather be presented with a single, intangible mental challenge to flatter and sustain my ego, than I would a dozen knighthoods. I seek stimulation not adulation.” Realising this to be the case

travels in the lift each morning to get to her room on the third floor. The concierge told me that the noise of the mechanism terrifies the Godbold brothers on the second floor and the dead man, Mr Flanagan, preferred to use the stairs to get to his first floor office, as the lift is very slow to operate.” “I see. So that accounts for the ground floor. What about the rest of the building and its inhabitants?” I then asked. “The body was found on the first floor. You will know something of Mr

designs. Holmes insisted on booking the two rooms for our stay while I remained seated in the extensive lobby. When he returned from the reception desk, he handed me a key for ‘Room 238’ and announced that he had some business to attend to before our planned meeting with Inspector Walcott and needed some time alone. I watched him head off towards the main stairwell and decided to undertake a short tour of the hotel as I awaited his return. Shortly before eleven-thirty, I made my way back down to

declined rapidly in the two weeks prior to his death, so much so, that when he sent word to me that the bowel cancer he had been diagnosed with some months before had finally placed a firm and irremediable grip on his frail body, I knew that the end was near and raced to be at his bedside. Not once did he complain and not once did he question why it should be at that moment that his own extraordinary life should come to such an end. My uncle had let it be known a decade earlier that on his death

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